Paris Saint-Germain vs.  Club Brujas - Match Report - December 7, 2021

(EFE) .- There is no better recipe for criticism than the goals and the connection between two stars of the stature of Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi the best way to achieve them. The two stars of PSG shared a great win against Bruges (4-1), who lost their options to continue in Europe.

The Belgians paid the bill for the attacks launched in recent weeks against the game of the French, who jumped like a lion wounded in their pride in search of a performance that would reconcile them with the stands.

The scenario was propitious, because on the French side, already classified and with no options to be first in the group, there were hardly any nerves, quite the opposite of Bruges, hanging on a small thread of hope to continue alive in Europe, but without even having even all the cards in his hand.

They only had one certainty, defeat condemned them and they soon realized that the duel would be an ordeal for them.

The best news for the French was not even the result. It was that Mbappé, the team’s locomotive, is still in a state of grace and that every day he connects more with Messi, who maintains his idyllic honeymoon in the Champions League.

Two goals each, an assist from the French and a celebration that serves to suspend the salvo of criticism that had been announced for the poor game of the star-studded team.

Two minutes later, Mbappé drilled into Mignolet’s goal after a rejection by the goalkeeper and five later he masterfully culminated, with a superb volley, a center from Di María, the substitute for the injured Neymar.

Not content with scoring, the world champion gave free rein to his other passion, that of passer, and in 37 an electric move was invented that exposed the Belgian defense to yield to Messi, meters ahead.


He wanted to score, he had tried a few minutes before and, the second time, from the edge of the area, he screwed the ball out of reach of the goal.

He rounded the score with a penalty that was awarded to him and that came at the right moment, 9 minutes after Rits reduced distances for Bruges.

The Argentine, who is not convincing in the league, makes up for himself in Europe, where he already has five goals and has scored in all his appearances against his new fans.

Anguished by their obligations, the Belgian champions were a bad copy of the team that three months ago played PSG from you to you in Bruges and in the Parc des Princes they hardly ever tried to counter-attack, totally subdued by the locals.

The team with the most goals in this edition of the Champions League made things easier for a PSG that needed a balm against their bad football, after their coach was forced to admit that the game is far from what his squad promises.

The night was happy and Pochettino wins more time to fine-tune his project. PSG carburates based on the power that Mbappé gives him, who begins to connect with Messi.