The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 13

We review how the hierarchical order of the league looks after 13 days of activity in the regular season

Week 13 gave us several strong results that, at least in appearance, seem to make it clear where some teams are compared to others.

At the top, there were several interesting movements, but always between the same teams that have taken over the highest part of our Power Rankings weekly. It is clear that those handful of clubs at the top are the favorites to win it all.

Further down, there was a tremendous shake-up with a new team in the basement, after the winless clubs ran out in the current campaign.

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After 13 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Arizona defended its position of honor in our hierarchical roster without a problem against the Bears and they were finally able to count on Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins after a few weeks off due to injury. The good is just coming into the season and it’s time to see if they learned their lesson from the loss to the Packers because the game against the Rams has many playoff implications. – LMV

It is fine to acknowledge that the conditions under which the “MNF” was played were extreme, but it is also valid to note that American football played in December and January tends to change when it comes to uncovered stadiums, and the Patriots showed that they are well armed for the task. – RZ

The Buccaneers are in position to fight for the top seed in the NFC and that’s terrible news for the rest of the conference, because the Bucs have been unbeatable at home all season. – EC

Green Bay is coming off their bye week with the extraordinary news that they have practically secured the NL North title with the Vikings’ surprise stumble against the Lions, but their real focus is on the bye week that awards first place. every conference and there they have a tough contest with the Cardinals, Cowboys, Buccaneers and Rams for now. – LMV

Patrick Mahomes continues to play at a level well below what we were used to in past seasons, but American football is a team sport and now it is the defense’s turn to bear the brunt of the results. Sooner or later, the pin will wake up. – RZ

True, the Titans are no longer in the driver’s seat for the AFC’s No. 1 seed, but they continue to control their destiny in the playoff race despite multiple injury absences from their roster. It is perhaps not unreasonable to consider Mike Vrabel a legitimate candidate for head coach of the year. – EC

They finally ended their three-game losing streak and the thing they pay the least attention to is the rival they faced to get off the slide they had gotten into. Now, they can turn their season around if they are able to get even with the Cardinals, a team that took away undefeated in the already distant Week 4 with a bulging 20-37 against in front of their people. – LMV

If anything was in evidence last Thursday night is that, when the offense is complete, these Cowboys are a nightmare for any defensive coordinator because of the number of weapons that must be defended. The next step is for the defense to recover its absentees as well. – RZ

The Ravens cannot be blamed for trying to win with a last minute 2-point conversion in Pittsburgh, beyond the injuries that led them to take that risk, however, in the end the loss was not that costly because they did not lose ground with The Bengals and Browns in the divisional race only reduced their margin of error for the final stretch of the season. – EC

Again, the problem with the Chargers is called consistency. One week they are capable of falling miserably to the bottom of their division and the next to provide a solid presentation – also on the road – to a team that is fighting directly with them for a berth to the playoffs. They have the advantage of hosting the Giants, who will not have their starting quarterback and most likely not their reserve either. – LMV

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you were outclassed at gridiron chess by Bill Belichick in a very close game under fairly challenging weather conditions, but the Bills must be quite regretting the opportunities they have missed in the weeks leading up to a packed season. of ups and downs where the tag of favorites has weighed them. – RZ

As long as running back Jonathan Taylor remains healthy, the Colts will continue to compete regardless of the rival, but to aspire to something more they need quarterback Carson Wentz to take on a greater role to avoid wearing down their most valuable player on offense or the dream of reaching the playoffs will fade very quickly. – EC

Just as they defined their game against the Steelers a week ago in just one half, now the Chargers gave them the same dose with a 0-24 against in just two quarters and, when it seemed they were coming back, they ran out of gas in the last fourth by receiving another 17 unanswered points for. Hours later, Pittsburgh awarded them an oxygen tank defeating the Ravens. – LMV

Not that the Steelers were terribly brilliant in their most recent victory, but the lesson from Pittsburgh is that it is a team that is never going to give up, especially when it comes to the hated rival, Baltimore. – RZ

It’s time to pay attention to Washington, who could become the NFC East’s big man with two games in the next three weeks against the leading Cowboys. – EC

Cleveland had a bye week and hopefully this has helped them reorganize after the losses to Patriots and Ravens because, precisely, they are back in business by hosting Baltimore in a key American North game. They appear last in the division, but are only two games behind the flock and with ample chance of making the postseason. – LMV

Miami continues to reap the wins and the Bills are already in their sights, in the race for a wild-card berth to the AFC East. Too bad for the Dolphins who already played their two games of the season against Buffalo, both losses, so they won’t have a chance to close that gap, and they still depend on the help of the Bills’ rivals to pass them. – RZ

No, there should be no debate in Philadelphia. It is true that Gardner Minshew ignited the offense and passed over the Jets, who did everything possible to lose, but this team belongs to Jalen Hurts, who is the future of the franchise. – EC

The streak of consecutive wins came to an abrupt end – perhaps – in the game we least imagined it, and this, when the final week rolls around, will perhaps end up making the difference between the postseason or making the playoffs. Nor do you have to be fatalistic because they have an affordable season finale with games against the Falcons and Texans at home, but the problem is their visits against the Titans and Rams. – LMV

Javonte Williams has all the qualities to be a star for years to come, and the group of young wide receivers has a future, but the most important position for the offense – quarterback – remains to be resolved, and I doubt Vic will continue. Fangio at the controls to try to find the answer beyond this season. – RZ

The Raiders have lost four of their last five games, but perhaps no loss was more painful than Sunday’s to Washington, which basically dashed their hopes of making the playoffs. – EC

Whatever they do, their season will be marked by their loss to the Lions. Go that the plays after the annotations weighed them because the three conversions they tried failed and that ultimately places them on the not honorable list of teams that fell to Detroit in the 2021 season, which, for now, only has one name registered. – LMV

Divisional games are played with another kind of internal fire in the players, and if Seattle’s season is virtually lost, it will always be a good afternoon when they can get their foot in the Niners. – RZ

What should really concern the Saints is not their terrible five-game losing streak, but the lack of responses at quarterback. Trevor Siemian was demoted for his poor level and Taysom Hill has shown time and again his limitations when it comes to throwing the ball. – EC

There are already three losses in their last four presentations, but the good news for them – if there is one – is the fact that next week they can break this streak despite going to someone else’s yard against the Panthers, because this Divisional rival seems to be going through a worse time than they are and perhaps his season finale could also include another pair of successes (against the Lions and Saints). – LMV

For now, Joe Brady – who we were sold to as the next Sean Payton – has been the one to pay for the broken dishes, but in almost two years at the club, Matt Rhule has been completely astray when it comes to quarterback position. , including the move to bring back the same quarterback the franchise dumped as soon as he arrived at the club as a new head coach. – RZ

Any doubts about whether Matt Nagy will be fired at the end of the season should have been dispelled by the terrible display of the Bears on Sunday. – EC

While it is true that the results have not accompanied them at all, they have really been a tough nut to crack for several of his opponents and, at least, he seems to be on the right track in certain aspects for the next campaign. With the honesty that he is talking about his season in general, we must also tell his fans that next weekend, against the Chargers, he will get ugly “improvising” with a quarterback against the losses of Daniel Jones and Mike Glennon. . – LMV

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not: Jets players, and head coach Robert Saleh himself, admitted that they did not prepare for their game thinking about facing Gardner Minshew as a rival quarterback. – RZ

Finally, the Lions saw the light at the end of the tunnel with a dramatic last-second comeback over the Vikings to win for the first time of the year. Also, Dan Campbell avoided becoming the first man in NFL history to have a winless season as a player and head coach. – EC

There is never anything good to say when a team, regardless of the opponent, is shut out. The focus should not be on next weekend’s game against the Seahawks but rather the one that they will hold in a couple of weekends when they collide with the Jaguars, since there will surely be defined the final sotanero of our power ranking and, in a of those, the first overall pick of 2022 … although the Lions will also be in the conversation. – LMV

Unfortunately for the Jaguars fans, none of the recent college football vacancies went to Urban Meyer, meaning he will continue to command the Jacksonville disaster for at least one more season. – RZ

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)