Zubeldia has not yet arranged his arrival in San Lorenzo

Five days after confirming his departure from his beloved Lanús, and before the proposal of San Lorenzo, Luis Zubeldia still did not arrange his arrival at the Cyclone and the rumor also arose of the intention of another great to hire the outstanding coach.

In a press conference, Zubeldia made it clear that he will cease to be the manager of Lanús at the end of the current League Tournament and that is why it is estimated that his incorporation to San Lorenzo de Almagro could be defined next week.

At Boedo’s club, the managers consider that he will take over there or take a break for a few months. San Lorenzo is now 23rd out of 26 teams in the Argentine soccer tournament.

Zubeldia, who with Lanús marches in 8th place in the local competition, struggling to achieve a place for the Copa Sudamericana 2022, will finish his second cycle in the Garnet, club that saw him born and grow as a player and coach.

It remains to be seen how this story is defined, while everything indicates that the coach will continue his professional career in San Lorenzo. Precisely, Boca Juniors, according to sources close to that entity, would also be interested in hiring the coach.