Belgrano became champion in Pre Intermediate B

Belgrano Athletic defeated the San Isidro Club in an agonizing way, in overtime, by 18 to 15. The author of the drop for the triumph, the coronation in Pre Intermediate B and the delirium of the public in Pinazo was Juan Tissera.

The first half was a very even game where neither of them gave anything away, although it was Belgrano who tried to play more. The opening of Marrón opened the account with a penalty at 11 minutes, but the SIC turned it around with two penalties from the fullback, Thomas Tempone. However, in the absence of six minutes to finish the first stage, Carlos Bottini supported the locals to go to the break 10 to 6 up.

The second stage was no different in Pinazo. Belgrano came out with the same intention to attack, but the trench, betting on the rival’s error, took advantage of two penalties to turn the score from 12 to 10.

At 18 minutes of the complement, Belgrano took advantage of the pressure exerted with his forwards, and maul through, Francisco Gradín he came for the second time to the ingoal of those of Boulogne. With time expired, the SIC burned the ships and after insisting with its scrum, it was able to reach a penalty that Miranda’s second It changed by points and left in tables the result of the meeting, forcing both casts to the extension.

The definition of Pre Intermediate B was with a movie ending. After recovering his own exit, Belgrano, went in search of the match and after an attack of several phases, the ball reached his opening, Juan Tissera took the ball and hit a phenomenal drop to give him the triumph, the title and unleash the celebration of all his fans.


SIC (15): 1.Facundo Martins, 2. Ignacio Rolón, 3. Jordi Vilalta, 4. Lucca Scutti, 5.Sebastián Lentino, 6.Manuel Aragón, 7.Jurado Zoilo, 20. Tomás Ramallo (C), 9. Marcos Rodríguez Gauxax, 10 Segundo De Miranda, 11. Pedro Ramallo, 12. Germán Rossi, 13. Tomás Lasalvia, 14. Teo Ibañez, 15. Tomás Tempone.

Changes: ST: 12 ‘Fermín Pérez by Ignacio Rolón and Carlos Diaz by Tomás Ramallo; 26 ‘Alvaro Soto for Lucca Scutti; 28 ‘Lucas Whamond for Tomás Tempone.

Trainer: José Cilley.

BELGRANO (18): 1. Francisco Luzarreta, 2. Agustín Pérez de Villarreal, 16. Carlos Bence, 5. Alfredo Costa, 4. Mikael Blom, 6. Francisco Gradín, 7. Ramiro Espiño, 8. Santiago Repetto, 9. Carlos Bottini, 10. Juan Tissera, 14. Tomás Etchepare, 12. Guido Casanello, 13. Ignacio Paz, 21. Santos Vayo, 15. Domingo Rizzi.

Changes: ST: 0 ‘Pablo River by Francisco Luzarreta; 2 ‘Agustín Bilbao by Ignacio Paz; 5 ‘Facundo Camardón by Ramiro Espiño; 14 ‘Octavio Carroll for Santos Vayo; 29 ‘Mirko Szevaczuk for Alfredo Costa; 30 ‘Lucas Servino for Carlos Bottini; 33 ‘Valentino Rojas for Francisco Gradín.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 11 ‘Penalty converted by Juan Tissera (B); 14 ‘Penalty converted by Tomás Tempone (S); 17 ‘Penalty converted by Tomás Tempone (S); 34 ‘try Carlos Bottini converted by Juan Tissera (B).

PARTIAL RESULT: SIC 6 – 10 Belgrano.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘Penalty converted by Tomás Tempone (S); 8 ‘Penalty converted by Tomás Tempone (S); 18 Try by Francisco Gradín (B); 34 ‘Penalty converted by Segundo De Miranda (S).

ALARGUE: PT. 2 ‘Drop converted by Juan Tissera (B).

FINAL SCORE: SIC 15 – 18 Belgrano.

ADMONISHED: ST: 17 ‘Zoilo Jurado (S).

REFEREE: Cristian Sánchez Ruiz.

COURT: Pinazo, Belgrano Athletic.