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MIAMI – Russell Wilson wasn’t supposed to be Seattle’s starting quarterback. In 2012, the Seahawks had just handed a three-year, $ 19.5 million contract to Matt Flynn, who had shone in the opportunities they had given him as a backup in Green Bay.

Still, Seattle took a chance by picking a prospect “who wasn’t the ideal size for the quarterback position” in the third round of the draft, and the rest is history.

Against all odds, Wilson won the starting job from Flynn and since then, he has revolutionized the Seattle franchise and, to my mind, is still one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL to this day.

There is no question that Wilson was fortunate enough to play for a team that had a period defense, which allowed the Seahawks to take him in little by little, but whether by stretching a play or showing the ability to grow in important moments, Wilson showed that it belonged from the start.

His critics often use the strengths he had around him to disqualify him for some reason that I can hardly understand. Those who are quick to point out the strengths of their teams seemingly forget about their shortcomings. Except for his first season in 2012, when he was sacked “just” 33 times, Wilson has suffered at least 40 sacks in every season he has played, except for 2016, when he threw for 21 touchdowns and suffered 11 interceptions. Acceptable numbers, but not by Wilson’s standards, the Seattle quarterback has been consistently elite.

The “Legion of Boom” was long ago dismantled, and yet Seattle has won at least nine games every year with Wilson, a streak that will come to an end this season.

He is one of the few quarterbacks who mastered the art of running, but always thinking about throwing and almost always avoiding the hard blow that could threaten his health, throwing those passes deep with excessive air and that fall soft as a pillow, Wilson have become his trademark, he’s been named to eight Pro Bowls, led the league in touchdown passes in 2017 and in passer rating in 2015. By the way, he has the fourth-best passer rating in history.

I understand that the rules have changed and therefore the numbers tell an incomplete story, but Wilson has also been one of the most accurate quarterbacks in history and has created a new niche for quaterbacks with his physical characteristics and despite all his accolades. Wilson has never received a vote for the MVP award and at this rate, he will hardly receive it, unless he decides to change teams.

Admittedly, Wilson lowered his level considerably in the second half of last year and although he played well this Sunday, he was not the same after having surgery on his finger.

His surroundings don’t help him, because if we’re honest, the Seahawks are a team under construction right now.

The offensive line is still bad, their running backs can’t stay healthy, they have no running attack and their defense started the season historically bad. Add to that the fact that Wilson has shown signs of some decline, the equation is tough going forward for Seattle.

This brings us to the relationship between Pete Carroll and Wilson, which a couple of years ago is no longer the same.

Carroll is steady energetic, but he’s 70 years old and his retirement could be near. Although I doubt Seattle is going the other way and I know the head coach wants to be on the wing for at least a few more years.

Wilson, however, has gotten tired of the philosophy of Carroll, who insists on taking away the role of the quarterback and that is why there was the crossing of words that we lived in the offseason, when Wilson clarified that he was not asking for a change, but that he would agree to be moved to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Dallas or Chicago.

The reality is that Seahawks management, where Carroll has a say in personnel decisions, has left a lot to be desired.

LJ Collier, Germain Ifedi, Rashaad Penny and Jordyn Brooks have been his last four first-round picks and the second-round picks aren’t much better than let’s say.

To make matters worse, they paid a steep price for safety Jamaal Adams, and their draft capital isn’t ideal either.

If Carroll remains in office, Wilson will continue his career on another team.

The Saints, in my opinion, would be the ideal team if we consider that they are strong in the trenches, they have one of the best running backs in the league in Alvin Kamara, next season Michael Thomas would return and Sean Payton is one of the offensive minds brightest of our era.

Because of the structure of his contract, it was always much more feasible to trade Wilson this offseason than the previous one, and because of the “philosophical differences” between Carroll and Wilson, I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle moves him.

Wilson has already reached two Super Bowls in his career – he has won one – and with the Seahawks that destiny will hardly be repeated.

New Orleans is probably a front-line quarterback from being a genuine title contender, while the Seahawks need to accumulate draft capital to strengthen their rebuilding.

Wilson to the Saints would be a dream come true for Payton, but also a new possibility for fans to appreciate the talent of Wilson, who remains under-appreciated.

To give you a little reminder of his talent, today I leave you with THE TOP 10 PLAYS IN RUSSELL WILSON’S CAREER.

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