Erik Morales explicó las causas del fallecimiento de su hijo Ferny

Grateful for all the expressions of affection to his family and to him for the death of his son Jose Fernando Morales, former world champion Erik “Terrible” Morales explained the reasons for the death caused by a fulminant heart attack.

“The fact was simple,” explained the Terrible in the program One More Round. “He was in his bed, he was at home, in the position where he was, he was face down, he squeezed himself and he surely had a fatal heart attack. Nothing else happened to him, he was stiff, he squeezed and that is exactly what happened to him ”.

It was last December 1 when the same Erik morales He announced the death of his 23-year-old son on social networks.

He commented that on the day of death Jose Fernando he was at his house. In the afternoon he went to buy a coffee, forgot to buy toilet paper and returned to the Oxxo. He returned home and went up to his room, where his brother went to look for him. Angel.

“At 8-9 at night, my eldest son, Angel, went,” he said. Erik. “They were about to have dinner, he went to the room for Jose Fernandor for it to come down. And he found it already in a hard, rigid state, that means that some problem had happened to him for a long time ”.

Erik He said that fortunately it was at his house, quickly and without anyone noticing. In addition to having the peace of mind and patience to understand that it was something that no one could do something about, in addition to remembering his son fondly.

“And since life has to go on, I am calm,” he added. “I think my son was a good kid, I swear he was. I have been thinking all these days if something bad could have been done, said bad and negative things about him and I did not find any. He was a good boy, very happy, very happy ”.

Jose Fernando he also wanted to be a boxer, but he Terrible He didn’t want to, and although they decided in the end that he wouldn’t fight, he said he remembers it very fondly.

“I wanted to be a boxer, I was fighting with him because I did not want him to be a boxer, I wanted him to study,” he commented, and although Jose Fernando he trained for some time, “we decided he wasn’t going to fight.”

Finally, he thanked all those who were pending, to those who sent him a message and who accompanied him in these difficult times.

“To be grateful for the support, words of encouragement, encouragement, and consolation for myself and my son,” he concluded. “Many people prayed, I thank you, my friend BarrierI thank all of you who were outstanding accompanying me on the day of the wake ”.