“Tengo sentimientos encontrados”: Deontay Wilder no descarta el retiro tras derrota con Fury

The 36-year-old boxer, Deontay Wilder, assured that he is analyzing the possibility of retirement after his last defeat against Tyson fury, where the trilogy was closed between both.

“They are mixed feelings because, ultimately, I have achieved all my goals in this sport,” he declared. Wilder in the program Kevin hart in Laugh Out Loud Network. “I told my daughter that when I was champion I could support her beyond her beliefs.”

In the same way, he assured that at the moment he no longer has anything to prove in boxing, that is why he is questioning many things whether to continue in the sport or not.

“I have done (the things I promised my daughter),” he reflected. Wilder. “There are many things that I have achieved, that I feel that I do not have to prove anything to anyone, because I have already proven it to myself. I must go ahead? Should I try one more time? Or should I just walk away and focus on the other things I already have, other things I want to do?

Deontay Wilder is confused about retirement

Some days ago, Wilder He had declared that he had every intention of coming back much stronger and taking advantage of the good taste in his mouth that he left in his last fight to get good rivals.

“I feel very good, I am very good. We didn’t get what we wanted (against Fury), but we still got something out of it. I think we got something bigger than a simple victory, ”he told the Telli Swift podcast.

“For me, this is not all, this is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. Although I have achieved many things, more than I could imagine. I still have goals in this sport, that’s why I still have love for him, ”he said. “I seek to meet the goals that still remain,” he said.