Michael Strahan's trip to space is postponed by wind

The flight of the New Shepard, from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company, will have to wait until Saturday, after failing to launch this Wednesday as scheduled.

CAPE CANAVERAL – TV personality and former star of the New York Giants, Michael Strahan, you will have to wait a few more days before traveling into space.

It was assumed that Strahan would take off on Thursday from west of Texas with five other people, for a 10 minute flight. However, this Wednesday, the space travel company of Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, postponed the launch until Saturday, due to the intense winds.

Strahan, a co-host of the show “Good Morning America” ​​by ABC, will make the short trip together with Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of the first American astronaut, Alan shepard, as well as for four clients who paid for the crossing. The company has not disclosed the price of the trip.

The six space tourists will travel aboard the rocket New Shepard from Blue origin, some 60 years after the pioneering voyage aboard the Mercury of the astronaut from which it takes its name.

This is the third release of Blue origin with people on board. Bezos participated in the first passenger trip, in July.