La recuperación de Miguel Ángel González va por tan buen camino que incluso el ex campeón mundial podría hacer una pelea de exhibición el próximo año, aseguró el director del centro de rehabilitación Hacienda Nueva Vida, Aarón Silva.

Recovery of Miguel Angel Gonzalez he’s on such a good path that even the former world champion could have an exhibition fight next year, the rehab center director said. Hacienda Nueva Vida, Aaron Silva.

“The current situation of Miguel Angel It is stable ”, he confirmed Aaron Silva in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He is progressing a lot, mainly physically, in sports. Right now he is training hard ”.

It was the first week of October when the Wizard González He was taken to the rehab center to help him overcome his addiction problems. From that moment, everything is going well, with boxing as a motive that helps him improve.

“I was saying (to Miguel Angel Gonzalez) that if he wanted to do an exhibition fight when he came out and he said yes, “added the boxing promoter. “He said yes, let him put whoever it is. He is motivated ”.

The possible exhibition fight would be a strong shock for all the people, he says. Silva. They would see how a person with addiction problems is overcome and the scope they can have.

“The goal is for him to be well and it would be a great motivation for him, imagine after where he was to get ahead and come back with an exhibition,” he said. Silva. “It would be something that would cause a lot of impact.”

Miguel Angel González’s recovery is 40 percent

Recovery of Miguel Ángel González, A former lightweight world champion, he’s going 40 percent in the two months he’s been admitted. They are aware that you still have four to six months to go before discharge.

Since entering the rehabilitation center, Miguel Angel Gonzalez showed interest in boxing. He was seen beating the sack and teaching the youngsters, which now he could do more fit, even with a salary.

“We offered him some proposals to continue training young people with a salary,” he said. Silva. “The help and motivation is through boxing, it is the hook to be able to save him from the clutches of alcohol and drugs.”

The Wizard He is even already receiving visits from family and friends, which makes it clear that his recovery is on the right track.

“It’s going from strength to strength, we’re doing very well,” he concluded. Aaron Silva. “He has supported many kids, he loves to train them. He is already beginning to have visitors, even today he visited him Carlos Zarate. There are people who want to go see him, his family too, they have already done all his studies and he came out stable ”.