Mike McCarthy rejoins Cowboys after overcoming COVID-19

The head coach completed his 10-day quarantine away from the team, and will be back on The Star from Thursday

FRISCO – The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy, who tested positive for COVID-19, will return on Thursday with his team as they prepare for the duel of the NFC East against him Washington Football Team in FedEx Field next Sunday.

“The protocol experience has been educational, to say the least, but I feel great. Ready for whatever,” he said. McCarthy. “Frankly, I think it’s more of a technical thing with the testing process that left me out for the full 10 days. So my arrival will be first thing in the morning. In fact, I think I could arrive at midnight, 12 : 01 tonight “.

McCarthy observed from a hotel in Frisco while the Cowboys defeated the New orleans saints on December 2. Since it was entered into the protocols COVID, has spearheaded meetings with players and coaches virtually. The defensive coordinator Dan quinn served as head coach against the Saints.

Offensive line coaches Joe philbin Y Jeff blaskooffensive assistant Scott tolzien and strength and conditioning coaches Harold nash Y Kendall smith, have been back in The Star after missing, too, the duel against the Saints.

The Weight Loss Gym Cowboys it reopened last Friday. Players can eat food on the premises, and meetings will be personal. The only player left in the reservation list / COVID-19 he’s the rookie cornerback Nahshon Wright, who expects to be discharged by Friday.

“We have returned to a fairly normal protocol,” he admitted. McCarthy. “In fact, we have expanded some of the meeting rooms, just to be more cautious. We have been able to have larger rooms for our offensive line and defensive line, probably our May change.”

McCarthy He has been staying at the hotel since November 26, and confessed to being a bit uneasy.

“I’m going out, I’m going to walk,” he said. “I’m not a huge fan of the phone, and this has really tested my patience, because I feel like I live on the phone and on Zoom calls, so …”

McCarthy He said he will stay at the hotel a little longer with four family members who tested positive for COVID, but he said they are going well.

“We just want to make sure we can go back to our home space 100 percent recovered before we have everyone back in the house,” he said.

The good news for Cowboys is that McCarthy he only missed one game, and not a playoff duel as happened with the head coach of the Cleveland browns, Kevin Stefanski, when he was ruled out for his team’s victory in the Wild Card Round in front of Pittsburgh steelers Last season.

“I’m just thankful that that is behind me and frankly I can go back to my full-time job,” he said. McCarthy. “It is definitely a challenge not to be here every day, especially with what we have in front of us, the challenge of Washington. I will definitely look at it as a positive, given that I don’t have to deal with [pruebas] for the next 90 days. “