The party will be complete: Marcelo Gallardo announced that he is still in River Plate

One day after the 3rd anniversary of the historic final in Madrid, Marcelo Gallardo decided to call a surprise press conference to announce that he would continue at River Plate: “After a few days of reflection, which were difficult, but I choose to continue being there.”

The coach had advanced that he was going to make his decision known when they finished the competition and, once consecrated in the League Tournament, he told ESPN Team F that he deserved to “rethink” what he wanted to do, given the energy required to lead a team like the Millionaire, which had aroused some concern in Núñez’s club.

The Uruguayan National Team had been tempting the coach, after the departure of Oscar Tabárez, after a cycle of 15 years, with the challenge of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, in only four dates of the South American Qualifiers. But finally, the coach chose to continue with his integral project in River football and try again to raise the Libertadores.

Marcelo Gallardo came to River with little experience as a coach, but with the title achieved with Nacional in Uruguay.

From the hand of Enzo Francescoli and already in the management of Rodolfo D’Onofrio as president, the Doll returned to the club that formed it, after the surprise departure of Ramón Díaz, after winning the championship in 2014.

And the successes came immediately with the Copa Conmebol Sudamericana in 2014. And in 2015 the Recopa Sudamericana, Conmebol Libertadores and Suruga Bank were won.

The first titles at the national level were just achieved in 2016, with the Argentine Cup and the Argentine Super Cup. In addition, he repeated the Recopa Sudamericana.

In 2017, again won the Recopa Sudamericana. And in 2018, River de Gallardo marked a milestone in the club’s history, with the 2018 Libertadores, no less than against Boca Juniors, at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid.

In 2019, He again achieved the Argentine Cup and National Recopa. And the South American Recopa.

The most flamboyant conquest, which was made to wait seven years, was the first local championship and the Doll was also able to put a check mark on that “pending account”, with the League Tournament 2021.

The best phrases from Marcelo Gallardo’s press conference:

– “I choose to continue being.”

– “I wrote to Enzo (Francescoli) and Jorge (Brito) at two in the morning to inform them of my decision.”

– “I greatly value this group, my coaching staff, collaborators. Demanding at a high level and that they respond to you on the other side, there is a round trip that brings me satisfaction.”

– “Today my continuity is for one year, it is the best and it is what we agreed on”.

– “Tomorrow the fan has to celebrate and without waiting for any announcement, may he go in peace and do so in the happiest way he can and tomorrow will be the celebration of Madrid’s third eternal year.”

– “The leaders know that we are going to continue and after next week, we will plan the next season within what are our possibilities.”

– “The thing about Leo (Ponzio) is a very personal matter, he had not announced any decision. While he does not announce from his mouth, we do not have to echo each other, he will know when it is time. I do not know anything and he did not communicate anything to me. “

– “As long as I have the possibility to choose, as it was this time, I choose to continue belonging to River and if I choose it it is because I really feel it. The people are passing through and the institutions remain.”

– “I never evaluated other possibilities when I had a contract with River. Proposals have come to me and I thanked them, but I choose to continue being here.”

– “One has to be energized to transmit to everyone. The players are part of my growth as a coach, they give me the message that they are to keep going forward and continue to be demanded.”

– “I can guarantee commitment to continue being and continue working as we have done. That tomorrow the fans can have their party and that they are reassured that we are going to continue pushing forward.”