The Pumas 7s and a successful streak of nine consecutive medals

The Argentine national team Seven, directed by Santiago Gomez Cora had a great 2021 season. In the nine competitions they played The Pumas 7s they took a medal in all.

The image of Los Pumas 7’s with a medal on the chest has been a constant throughout the year. After a forced parenthesis due to the pandemic, with the rescheduling of the Tokyo Olympics included, it forced an internal rethinking and trying to ensure that all the dedication in the pre-Olympic cycle did not fade into insignificance. And in that need, the team led by Santiago Gómez Cora and Leonardo Gravano from Tucumán emerged with all its splendor.

The curtain fell on the 2021 calendar, and although the 2022 version of the Rugby World Seven Series (also adjusted to current circumstances) has just begun, it is well worth reviewing what this campaign of the Argentine team was, in which they always reached the podium in the nine competitions in which they participated. It was the most fruitful cycle in history for the national team, which with the Bronze double in recent Dubai tournaments returned to win a medal in the WRSS after 22 tournaments; The last conquest had been in the Seven in Las Vegas 2018, a test in which he won the Silver medal when he fell in the final on March 4 against the United States 28-0. In the historical review, the Argentine team has accumulated 33 medals since the creation of the World Tour in 2000.

After the achievement in the Olympic Games, there was a logical renewal in the squad, and that is why five rookies participated in the two scales in the United Arab Emirates: Joaquín Lamas (SIC), Matteo Graziano (Los Matreros), Tomás Elizalde (Tigres) from Salta Rugby Club), the Rosario Tomás Lizazú (Old Resian) and Santiago Vera Feld (San Andrés). The experienced Franco Sábato (Alumni) and Fernando Luna (Córdoba Athletic) from Cordoba are also part of the national team, as well as Francisco Ulloa (Newman), who, although he already had his baptism on the World Tour, is part of the new generation.

And in the group of those who train while waiting for an opportunity are, for example: Tobías Wade (Alumni), Franco Giudice (Gymnastics and Fencing from Rosario), Juan Cruz Pérez Rachel (Deportiva Francesa), Felipe de la Vega ( CUBA), Nicolás Picasso Cerdera (Banco Nación), Marcos Amorisa (Los Matreros), Agustín Fraga (CUBA) and Juan Forrester (Delta RC).

The return to a competition took place a year ago, in the Sudamericano that was organized in the city of Valparaíso. That home run with Chile, Uruguay and Brazil reactivated everything, although uncertainty was still quite prominent on the horizon. From that return to activity until the last weekend, Los Pumas 7’s played a total of 52 games, and the balance in that round is: 43 victories, one draw and 8 defeats.

With respect to the Rugby World Seven Series 2022, with two chapters completed (there are eight ahead), the Argentine team is in second place in the global ranking, with 34 points; the leader in this order is South Africa, with 44 units, the product of the two Golds conquered. In the third step appears Australia, with 32 points, followed by the United States, with 30 points.

In the two Dubai stages that have just taken place, Los Pumas 7’s had eight successes, a draw and suffered three crashes. In the dozen matches they played, they scored a total of 36 tries; the top scorer (44 points) and tryman was Luciano González (8 wins). Germán Schulz, Joaquín de la Vega and Marcos Moneta were left in the tries ranking, with 4 annotations each.

Now there is a short break for the squad, whose next challenges will be on Spanish soil: January 21 and 23 is scheduled for the Malaga Sevens, and on January 28 and 30 the Seville Sevens will be held; both are new venues for the circuit. And to close this year’s balance, all the matches that Los Pumas 7’s played in the nine competitions in which they participated in this period are detailed below:

South American of Chile (December 12 and 13, 2020)

5 matches

4 wins

1 defeat

Argentina 53 vs Uruguay 0

Argentina 10 vs Brazil 19

Argentina 50 vs Chile 12

Argentina 29 vs Chile 5 (semifinal)

Argentina 26 vs Brazil 14 (final)

Madrid Rugby 7’s International Tournament (February 20 and 21, 2021)

5 matches

5 wins

Argentina 40 vs Spain 12

Argentina 24 vs United States 19

Argentina 47 vs Portugal 5

Argentina 21 vs Kenya 7

Argentina 21 vs Kenya 14

Madrid Rugby 7’s International Tournament (February 27 and 28, 2021)

6 matches

6 wins

Argentina 35 vs Spain 7

Argentina 21 vs Portugal 0

Argentina 31 vs Chile 5

Argentina 28 vs United States 0

Argentina 36 vs Kenya 19

Argentina 45 vs Kenya 7 (final)

Emirates Invitational Dubai (April 2-3, 2021)

6 matches

6 wins

Argentina 38 vs Uganda 14

Argentina 31 vs Japan 14

Argentina 26 vs Canada 14

Argentina 19 vs Chile 7

Argentina 24 vs Japan 5

Argentina 19 vs France 7 (final)

Emirates Invitational in Dubai (April 8 and 9, 2021)

6 matches

5 wins

1 defeat

Argentina 41 vs Chile 0

Argentina 28 vs Japan 10

Argentina 19 vs France 21

Argentina 24 vs Spain 12 (quarterfinals)

Argentina 40 vs Chile 7 (semifinals)

Argentina 26 vs Canada 19 (final)

Quest for Gold Seven Los Angeles (June 25-26, 2021)

6 matches

5 wins

1 defeat

Argentina 21 vs Great Britain 19

Argentina 49 vs South Korea 0

Argentina 19 vs United States 12

Argentina 31 vs United States 19

Argentina 55 vs South Korea 0

Argentian 14 vs Great Britain 21

Tokyo Olympics (July 25-28, 2021)

6 matches

4 wins

2 defeats

Argentina 29 vs Australia 19

Argentina 14 vs New Zealand 35

Argentina 56 vs South Korea 0

Argentina 19 vs South Africa 14 (quarter finals)

Argentina 14 vs Fiji 26 (semi-finals)

Argentina 17 vs Great Britain 12 (third place)

RWSS 2022 – Dubai Seven I (November 26 and 27, 2021)

6 matches

4 wins

1 tie

1 defeat

Argentina 28 vs Spain 7

Argentina 22 vs Kenya 17

Argentina 21 vs United States 21

Argentina 17 vs Ireland 12 (quarterfinals)

Argentina 7 vs South Africa 17 (semifinals)

Argentina 19 vs Fiji 12 (Bronze final)

RWSS 2022 – Dubai Seven II (December 3-4, 2021)

6 matches

4 wins

2 defeats

Argentina 21 vs Spain 14 – Group C

Argentina 21 vs France 14 – Group C

Argentina 7 vs Fiji 40 – Group C

Argentina 31 vs Great Britain 12 (Gold quarterfinals)

Argentina 0 vs Australia 40 (Gold semifinals)

Argentina 38 vs France 21 (Bronze final)

Source: UAR