The SIC beat Alumni 23 to 21 and was crowned in Intermedia

The San Isidro Club defeated Alumni in a narrow way by 23 to 21 and was left with the title of Intermediate. Baptist Szily, author of two tries, he was the great figure of the match that took place in Pinazo.

In a very hot day, those of San Isidro went out with everything to seek victory. Thus, at five minutes, his wing, Baptist Szily, supported to open the scoreboard. Although later he scored another try from the hand of Matthew Albanese, Alumni reacted and in a flurry equalized the game at 12. But with a minute to go, Santiago Pavlovsky He took advantage of a penalty for the winners and in this way went to rest up, by 15 to 12.

In the second half, the fatigue of both teams was noticeable, but the match was not lacking in emotion. The Alumni Captain, Bautista Canzani he equaled the actions at 10 minutes into the second stage with a large drop. In this way, the trenchman again went out to seek victory in the rival field. And when it seemed that advantages could not be taken, the figure of the court appeared again, Szily, who after a great collective maneuver escaped through the left side of the rival defense and scored a great try to restore the advantage to his team.

The closing of the game was played with clenched teeth. The SIC maintained its advantage and forced Alumni to play in their own field. It was the perfect deal for the minutes to pass and thus ensure a 23-21 win.


SIC (23): 1.Francisco Pachano, 2.Ricardo Macchiavello, 3. Segundo Aguilar, 4. Francisco Petazzi, 5. Tomás Borghi, 6. Facundo Madero, 7.Fermín Pereyra Moine, 8. Ciro Plorutti, 9. Mateo Albanese, 10. Santiago Pavlovsky , 11. Alberto Miguens, 12. Ignacio Pietranera, 13.Facundo Fernández Madero (cap), 14. Bautista Szily, 15. Facundo Giougiutti.

Changes: PT: 39 ‘Eduardo Oderigo for Facundo Madero. ST: 12 ‘Benjamín Sascaro by Mateo Albanese, 15’ Jaime Gilligan by Ricardo Macchiavello, 18 ‘Agustín Corral and Ignacio Cohelo by Fermín Pereyra Moine and Facundo Giougiutti, 35’ Mateo Rodríguez Alcobendas by Eduardo Oderigo.

Trainers: Benjamin Renard and Gastón Tinardi.

ALUMNI (21): 1. Máximo Castrillo, 2. Juan Cruz Garri, 3. Francisco Bottoni, 4. Tiziano Corvo Dolcet, 5. Facundo Paz, 6. Manuel Schnaider, 7. Santiago Vassolo, 8. Juan Cruz Alvariñas, 9. Santiago Ambroa, 10. Bautista Canzani (cap), 11. Cruz González Bibiloni, 12. Gonzalo Ambroa, 13. Mateo Robles, 14. Segundo Maciel, 15. Filipo Testoni.

Changes: 11 ‘Rafael Desanto and Martín Zavala by Gonzalo Ambroa and Segundo Maciel, 13’ Gonzalo Chain by Manuel Schnaider, 31 ‘Sebastián Sosa by Francisco Bottoni, 35’ Danilo Romanini by Facundo Paz.

Trainers: Rodrigo Jiménez Salice, Lucas Chiocarelli and Nicolás Corvalán.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Try by Bautista Szily converted by Santiago Pavlovsky (S), 19’ Try by Mateo Albanese (S), 22 ‘Try by Sebastián Sosa converted by Bautista Canzani (A), 33’ Try by Filippo Testoni (A), 39 ‘ Penalty of Santiago Pavlovsky (S)

PARTIAL RESULT: SIC 15 – Alumni 12

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10 ‘Drop by Bautista Canzani (A), 21’ Try by Bautista Szily (S), 25 ‘Penalty by Bautista Canzani (A), Penalty by Santiago Pavlovsky (S), 35’ Penalty by Bautista Canzani (A).

FINAL SCORE: SIC 23 – Alumni21

WARNED: There was not.

REFEREE: Juan Maio.

COURT: Pinazo, Belgrano Athletic.