The SIC won the final against CUBA and won the title in Pre Intermediate A

The San Isidro Club was crowned champion in Pre Intermediate A after winning a great match against CUBA by 29 to 5 in Pinazo, for the final of the category.

In an intense but vibrant match, both teams showed a very defensive game but plagued with inaccuracies, mainly by the Villa de Mayo team. The first half was lived with a lot of tension and, as a result of this, there was no arrival at the ingoal and the scoreboard was only altered thanks to the three penalties of the Boulogne team, Francisco Fernández de Oliveira.

Later, in the complement, the meeting won in dynamics and this favored the SIC, which not only was able to take advantage of the score, but also began to establish itself as a clear dominator of the actions. The tries of Eduardo Oderigo and Santiago Giorgiutti They ended up shaping a well-deserved victory for Boulogne’s men, against a rival who, beyond being outmatched, never under their arms.


CUBA (5): 1. Agustín Elias, 2. Santiago Tsin, 3. Esteban Iribarne, 4. Juan Cruz De Pellegrini, 5. Marcos Gilligan, 6. Joaquín Paz, 7. Juan Carlos Bengolea, 8. Felipe Casaurang, 9. Joaquín Brugo, 10. Nicolás Harris, 11.Joaquín Escurra, 12.Facundo Ledesma, 13.Matthew Medina (cap), 14. Nicolás Elewuat, 15.Joaquín Prat Gay.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Iván Bosch by Agustín Elías, 11’ Segundo Bosch by Joaquín Escurra, 13 ‘Baltazar Roca by Facundo Ledesma, 15’ Mateo Serra by Joaquín Paz and Mateo Scalella by Esteban Iribarne, 26 ‘Salvador Bengolea by Marcos Gilligan and Simón Benítez Cruz by Joaquín Prat Gay and 35 ‘Ramiro Cedarri by Santiago Tsin.

Trainers: Matías del Carril, Tomás Vivot and Federico Fitte.

SIC (29): 1. Francisco Calandra, 2. Jaime Gilligan, 3. Lucas Soto, 4. Bautista Aguilar, 5. Juan Segundo Romero Basco, 6. Tomás Serrano, 7. Santiago Silva, 8. Mateo Rodríguez Alcobendas (cap), 9. Benjamín Sascaro , 10. Francisco Fernández de Oliveira, 11. Felipe Rubio, 12. Eduardo Oderigo, 13. Martín Prezzavento, 14. Santiago Giorgiutti, 15. Ignacio Coelho

Changes: 1 ‘Tomás Tempone by Felipe Rubio, 15’ Ignacio Rolón by Jaime Gilligan, 20 ‘Mateo Ibañez Belaustegui by Ignacio Coelho, 36’ Teodoro Bartuluchi by Bautista Aguilar, 37 ‘Marcos Rodríguez Gauxax by Eduardo Oderigo, 39’ Juan Pedro Olcese, Facundo Martín and Manuel Aragón by Francisco Calandra, Lucas Soto and Santiago Silva.

Trainer: Juan Pablo Pascual.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 ‘Penalty by Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S), 23’ Penalty by Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S) and 28 ‘Penalty by Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S).


POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5 ‘Penalty by Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S), 19’ Try by Eduardo Oderigo converted by Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S), 26 ‘Try by Mateo Scalella (C), 29’ Penalty by Tomás Tempone (S), 31 ‘ Try by Santiago Giorgiutti converted by Tomás Tempone (S).


WARNED: PT: 35 ‘Juan Cruz De Pellegrini (C). ST: 18 ‘Santiago Tsin (C), 25’ Francisco Fernández de Oliveira (S), 29 ‘Mateo Serra (C).

REFEREE: Nicolas Cotic.

COURT: Pinazo, Belgrano Athletic.