Floyd mayweather jr was in charge of criticizing Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, and the Mexican was not long in issuing a reaction in this regard, without raising much controversy.

Without saying a word, Saul Alvarez responded to Floyd mayweather with information and data about the career of both. With a simple retweet, he stated his point of view.

“That is why Floyd he’s so jealous of Canelo, so salty and so bitter. Canelo Only with 31 is he overcoming the entire career of Floyd Where was it Floyd at 31? It wasn’t even close to where it is! Canelo at this time! When Canelo you’re done, you’ll be way ahead of Floyd“, said the tweet that echoed Alvarez.

The criticism that Canelo Álvarez received from Mayweather

Floyd mayweather jr suggested doping of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and that he does not know if the fight between the two was clean.

“There is always talk of Canelo this or Canelo the other, but they do not talk about steroids, steroids and steroids, “he said. Floyd to a group of reporters. “He may not have been clean in many fights, I don’t know if he was clean or not when he fought me.”

“It is the same fighter,” he said. “People say that Canelo In his prime he would have been a great fighter, but I fought him in his prime and he remains the same. When I beat him I was almost 40 years old. Canelo was like a walk in the park, it was a very easy fight ”.