Tigres del Licey offensive should wake up in the final stretch of the season

Manager José Offerman has brought out the best part of the Tigers’ pitching staff, but relying solely on that can be quite expensive.

The season of Tigres del Licey It has been quite a roller coaster, starting with three consecutive victories followed by six losses in a row and that happening before completing ten games.

The bad moment led the blue franchise to make changes in the figures of its general manager and its leader, which in the long run could be said to have paid off since the team is tied for third place in the table, which would give a pass to the next round.

But with the bottom team only three games apart, the final path of the season becomes complex and even more so for a club that is hungry to win and has a legion of extremely demanding fans.

At a quick glance at the stats, the pitching staff has been up to the task, racking up the league’s best ERA at 2.88 and giving opponents the third-lowest batting average in the league.

Starting with your opener Cesar Valdez, who remains as the league leader in strikeout and continues to have a very good season, until closer Jairo Asencio who has saved 9 games in 14 appearances, second best total in LIDOM, only behind Wirfin Obispo.

Veteran Ervin Santana has also made his contribution and is coming off a good start against the Eastern Stars, throwing five innings of a career and seven strikeouts, which meant a fifth consecutive victory for the Blues, and to that we added the additions of Aroldys Vizcaino Y Wander Serum that entered the weekly roster.

But the weak point of the Tigers has been the offense having the second worst batting average, only above the Bulls, and an OBP of .294, also the second lowest after the Eastern Stars, but according to the WinterballData portal the Tigers have been the best in the last six games with running backs in scoring position, which points to an awakening they must maintain in the final stretch.

However, the individual batting average of several regular players of the blue team does not exceed .250, such as Emilio Bonifacio (.240), Jorge Bonifacio (.239), Ronny Mauricio (.244), Luis Barrera (.163). ) and now Yermín Mercedes hitting .132 in 11 games, figures who are set to produce this stretch of the season if the Tigers want to qualify and go far in the postseason.

Not to mention the imported reinforcements that started the season such as Brian Serven (.105), Vinnie Pasquantino (.133) and Nick Heath (.158) who did not yield the expected results, but who have been supplied by men like Chris Owings (. 286) that has done the work so far.

The remaining calendar is balanced, with half of the games at home and facing all the teams on a couple of occasions, shading the confrontations against Toros del Este on December 11 and 16, the team has dominated Licey in recent times.

The Tigres del Licey receive this Tuesday the integration of an important bat in the figure of Nomar mazara, who seeks to demonstrate all that talent that was predicted in his first steps in professional baseball and will play for the first time in the Dominican Republic since the 2014-15 season, but a single man will not be enough for the offensive problem that the Tigres have suffered during All season, in their defense, they have known how to take advantage of the chances they have had in the last matches to win games and get into the fight, silencing many who already gave up the season prematurely.