Álvarez Fourcade, on the Moneta award: "It's a historic achievement"

Santiago Álvarez Fourcade, captain of Los Pumas 7’s, he referred to the award he won Marcos Moneta, distinguished by World Rugby as the best Sevens player of 2021.

The leader of the Argentine team showed his feelings for the award to the back: “As a group and team we are very happy and proud of this recognition to Marcos. We know the effort he made and does every day to improve, to try to help the team” , he commented in dialogue with the official website of the UAR.

At the same time, Álvarez Fourcade added regarding Moneta: “Since he joined the squad I always contribute a lot; not only on the court, something that was clearly seen what it gives, but off the court it is also important, because from the human point of view it brings a lot of energy, transmits a lot of confidence” , he pointed out.

In closing, the captain of Los Pumas 7’s spoke about the future of the back in his career: “He is a boy who due to his age is very mature, and what he does on the court seems simple, but it is not like that, it is very difficult. It makes us very happy and hopefully this will also bring happiness to his whole family, his club and all Argentines, because it is a historic achievement. For all the effort he makes, Marcos deserves it, and as colleagues we share his joy and we feel more than proud “,