Boca Juniors will celebrate their titles with their fans in La Bombonera

Boca Juniors prepares a great celebration in their last game of the year with their fans in La Bombonera.

Emiliano Raddi and Diego Monroig advanced in SportsCenter and ESPN Fútbol 90 that on Saturday at 19:15, the Reserve match will be held against Central Córdoba and the award will be given to the champion squad of the Division.

At 22:00, the Primera team will play its game and almost at around 00:00 on December 12, the celebration for the Argentine Cup title and the fan day will begin, with a live band and show of Fireworks.

Boca Juniors will close 2021 with a friendly against Barcelona in Riyadh for the Maracona Cup, on Tuesday, December 14.