Chris Duarte: "I will give my family and my people the opportunity to play for the National Team"

In an exclusive conversation with ESPN Digital, the Pacers rookie expressed that in the future his desire is to wear the colors of the Dominican Republic

Despite the rumors and speculation, the Indiana Pacers player, Chris Duarte, confirmed that it is within his plans to wear the blue, red and white jersey.

In the future, if God wants that, it will (play with the National Team). I’ve always said it, I recently came to the NBA and I think you understand that I have to focus on the opportunity that I have in front of me and focus on the future of my family “, declared the Dominican to ESPN.

He also reported that he is in constant communication with the members of the Dominican National Team and declared himself a follower of what they do.

“In the future I do want to play for my country, give that opportunity to my family and my people, and myself. I always keep talking to the members of the National Team and I follow up on what they are doing, ”said Duarte, who has just scored 23 points in a victory against the New York Knicks this Wednesday.

And the dream of the Dominicans is to be able to have all their NBA players on a team, although he confessed that he still does not have a close relationship with one of those stars, although he hopes to be able to present himself formally in the future.

I couldn’t speak to Karl-Anthony Towns, (in our first confrontation) they expelled me and I had planned to talk to him and introduce myself. Say hello to him and have a little conversation after the game, I wanted to do it but I didn’t get the chance ”.

“We have not spoken yet, we do not have that communication like that because we have not had the opportunity to have it, but it was a very good experience playing against him,” said Duarte.