Chris Duarte: "There's a lot I still don't understand but I'm having fun"

The Dominican of the Indiana Pacers talks to ESPN Digital about his first steps in the NBA, the expectations for a 24-year-old rookie and how he has learned to deal with difficult moments

Playing in the NBA has been different, it wasn’t as much as I thought. There are many things that I still do not understand. Sometimes I wonder why things happen and why they do this ”, are the sensations that the experience of playing in the best basketball in the world has left the rookie Chris duarte.

In exclusive conversation with ESPN Digital, the Dominican admits that the adaptation process has not been easy but the most important thing, in his opinion, is that he is enjoying the path that he has just begun to travel and at the same time grateful to have this opportunity.

“These are things that you learn along the way. But the NBA within everything has been the best for me. I’m having fun, I’m playing my game, this is an opportunity that any player wants and wishes they had ”.

Duarte’s arrival in the NBA was no coincidence. It has been a path full of hard work, effort and sacrifice, as he says, but some have been taken by surprise and with what he has achieved at this start of his career has caused many eyes to be fixed on him, including the great stars of the league.

“It makes me feel good (that they talk about me). It is something that any gamer would like. Those figures who have spoken about me are among the best in the world in this sport, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ”, says the native of Puerto Plata.

“They are players who, as we say, see each other every 100 years. For me it is something very special that fills me with pride, listening to those words that they say about me ”.

But within all the positive things that are happening in his career, sometimes things don’t go the way he expects. The Pacers have had difficult defeats and on a couple of occasions he has already been expelled from close games where he could have contributed.

“In those difficult moments I talk to my colleagues. In one of those games I spoke with (Caris) LeVert and he told me to go home, share with my family and forget about it. That night I did what he told me, I arrived and my child was awake. Since he listens to me, he runs towards me, and that’s how it was. It made me smile and I forgot about all the negative that had happened”, Concluded Duarte.