Visita de Carlos Zárate a Miguel González

Former world champion Carlos Zarate had the opportunity to visit Miguel Ángel González. Although he acknowledged that he sees his brother a bit sad from the same pain, he assured that also with the conviction of doing everything possible to overcome his addiction problems.

“Yes, his recovery is going well,” said the Cañas Zárate in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He is sure of himself that there is nothing that will take away that will to withdraw from the bad steps.”

Tuesday, the Cañas Zárate went to the Hacienda Nueva Vida to hang out with him Wizard González. In that he took advantage of it, in addition to encouraging his friend.

“He is a bit sad for the people who have not gone to see him,” he commented. Zarate. “But yesterday he was happy, I got a lot out of the first leg because, first of all, he is my friend of several years, we met, we have frequented each other in various gyms, we have lived together. For me he is a friend and a brother of the same pain ”.

The former bantamweight world champion, who also fell into addiction and was admitted to a rehab center to recover, knows that the Wizard González live difficult moments. However, he sees it calm.

“He’s a little sad,” he considered. “But I talked to him, it did him a lot of good, he was happy. I gave him a book of my life so that he could entertain himself, he liked it a lot and I did it willingly because the gift has to be returned and I think I am complying ”.

Carlos Zarate trusts that they will soon be able to allow visitors to encourage the Wizard. Two months have passed since he was admitted to the clinic after his case that he was on the streets and sunk in addictions gained strength.

“He’s already two months old. There would be no problem in going to see him, “he said. Zarate. “Now that I went we were with him, we ate, we talked, we took some photos.”

Carlos Zárate visited Miguel Ángel González

Miguel Ángel González’s support for other young people

Asked how boxing is helping Miguel Angel, after Aaron Silva, director of the clinic, will mention that he sees him encouraged with the young people, helping them and even ready for an exhibition, Zarate confirmed that he sees it well.

“I did help them with mittens,” he commented. Zarate. “He also helps them with other things, he has a lot of experience and that helps him.”

Regarding the possibility of having the exhibition fight, he confirmed that due to the age of the Wizard He still sees it with possibilities and even a rival found him.

“He is still fine, he is 50 years old, still at that age I was a master of the trompon”, recalled the White hair. “Yes, he can make his exhibition, of course, let them shoot him again and Julio Cesar Chavez”.

Finally, trust that when Miguel Angel Gonzalez finish your recovery process and leave the clinic, many people will seek to support you and you will see a Wizard new.

“Now that he is out, we are going to see how we can help him,” he concluded. Carlos Zarate. “And together with the CMB who agrees to be a new person. I guaranteed that God I was going to support him for everything he is doing right now, that he remembers God always and will have a good reward ”.