“Soy campeón sin corona”: Pitbull Cruz insiste en que le robaron triunfo sobre Gervonta

The Mexican boxer Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz He insisted again that the fight where he faced the lightweight world champion was stolen, Gervonta davis.

“I am very happy for the great job we did, we gave our best and those who stole from us were the judges,” said the Pitbull cross in interview with There is shot. “What’s more, people from Gervonta, from his team, they saw us as winners ”.

Isaac Cruz He feels like a winner, and that is why he feels like a champion without a crown, despite the fact that he could not stay with the lightweight world championship of the AMB in its regular version.

“The recognition of all the people, they know who we beat, who we hit and who we dethroned,” he emphasized. cross. “They did not give us the championship, we are champions without a crown, and we are going to continue fighting to get that belt.”

In the same way, he stressed that although they did not give him hope against the monarch, many mouths fell and that thanks to that they have recognized his work.

“To the (Gervonta) Right now he had to fight with a good one, “he said. cross. “We show that for those fighters who say that we are not an elite category, we are willing to fight them. If we endure twelve rounds to what they saw as impossible to defeat or endure, I already showed you that Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz it’s for the big names ”.

Jake Paul says Pitbull Cruz was the winner and Gervonta is a clown

The youtuber and boxer Jake paul, assured that the Mexican was the clear winner of the fight against Gervonta davis, which he claimed fought above the ring like a clown.

“I thought Davis he had lost the fight. He did not throw away his left hand. He got hurt or whatever. He didn’t throw a left in the end and some of the judges gave him those rounds won. It does not make any sense. He calls me a clown, but he fought like a clown, “he said.