Juan Berros, representative of Gallardo: "His continuity in River did not depend on a proposal from third parties"

Juan Berros, representative of Marcelo gallardo, spoke this Thursday about the continuity of the coach in River plate from Argentina. In 100% Sports (Radio Sport de Uruguay), the agent narrated how the conversations took place with the authorities of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), who expressed their interest for the Doll to be the Celeste coach, and recalled that two years ago the coach rejected a proposal from Barcelona .

Berros pointed out that he spoke three or four times with Ignacio Alonso, president of the AUF. The first of these contacts was on Sunday, November 21, it was the most important talk and had Luis Briuno, former leader of the National Football Club and personal friend of Gallardo, as the link between Berros and two members of the Executive Committee of the AUF (Alonso and Eduardo Ache).

“There, Alonso told me that the Executive had decided to make the hiring of Gallardo a priority after the situation with Tabárez. I explained to him what Marcelo’s situation was, respecting the proposal received and knowing everything that the Uruguayan National Team means. I told them that at that time an answer could not be considered since Gallardo had a current contract with River”Said Berros.

The agent highlighted that throughout his career as River’s coach, specific offers have been received to hire Gallardo, but none of them were dealt with based on his contractual situation. “Now the situation was different because it was near the end of the link, and Marcelo had to decide whether to continue or not,” said the representative.

And he added: “In that first talk we were sincere about what could and could not be done; Alonso did not ask me for the possibility of having a personal meeting with Gallardo, that was never going to contribute because first it had to be defined whether or not he was going to continue in River, and everything else depended on that. Planning a trip would generate an expectation that exceeded the framework of what we were talking about ”.

Berros indicated that he told the AUF that this decision to continue or not in River was going to be determined “minimally in a few more weeks,” considering the games that River had to play at the local level and the elections of the Argentine club, “where Galardo did not want influence nothing ‘.

“For our part, we took the proposal as serious, but we were not going to solve anything before solving the priority, which was the continuity or not in River. Defined the first would go by the second. We have also had other offers and we have responded the same, first define the River, “remarked the agent.

The representative highlighted: “Staying or leaving River did not depend on a third-party proposal, it was a personal matter after working seven and a half years in a place with the wear and tear that it takes and with the emotional aspect that River implies for Marcelo.”

“Two years ago a formal proposal from Barcelona was rejected, a proposal from another team was not going to modify what was decided regarding River. It did not make sense to accumulate things after the first decision to continue or not in River, “said Berros when asked if Uruguay’s proposal was analyzed.

The representative also affirmed that the interest of the AUF was not rejected, as it happened with other proposals: “If it had not been considered that the offer of the Uruguayan National Team was serious and interesting sportingly and professionally, we would have said no directly. But it was not a topic that was going to be thought of at that time ”.

“Nobody thinks in the abstract, what modified Gallardo’s reality was whether or not he continued in River, from that he was going to analyze what he considered serious. I do not name teams, but there were other offers more, and none were analyzed because it was not the time to analyze them. There were also proposals from other places that we told him that they are not places that Marcelo is going to go at this time ”, he emphasized.

Berros stressed that Gallardo is someone who always says what he feels. When River became champion of the Professional League on Thursday, November 25, the coach pointed out that he was facing ‘the most difficult decision’ of his career: “He developed as a person and athlete in River, he knows what it means for people and what he means to the people and to the club; what he said he felt, but he was not sure, that’s why the time to make the decision, “he commented.

Then he continued to tell how the conversations with Alonso took place, who called the representative four days after that first call after River won the local tournament: “I told him in principle there was no acceleration in the decision, because although the The championship was the elections (which took place on Saturday, December 4) and that this was not resolved overnight ”.

“Alonso called me again the following week and this Tuesday, December 7, 16 days after the first talk. Times were already pressing and he needed an answer, I told him that in the next few days the situation in River will be resolved and then other possibilities could be contemplated if it was decided not to continue. We agreed to talk again this Friday, but Marcelo decided to continue in River this Tuesday and I called Alonso before the press conference on Wednesday to inform him of Marcelo’s decision, “said Berros about the last conversation with the president of the AUF.

The representative stated that the economic part was never discussed because the proposal was never analyzed, since the analysis could only be given after resolving the priority that it was to continue or not in River. He also commented: “The economic part is important, but Marcelo is more motivated by the challenges than the economic part”.

What would have happened if Gallardo did not continue in River? “I don’t do futurology, nothing was analyzed. There were also other proposals from South American and European teams that did not transcend, I mentioned them to Gallardo, but it cannot be analyzed in the abstract, if it was disposable it was done at that time, but the priority was whether he continued in River or not, no other proposal it was going to affect that, it was an internal decision, “said Berros.

And he sentenced: “Here the situation occurred in these cirtucaicas that there was a margin of time to wait and resolve, when time began to press, it was when Alonso began to insist on an answer. We considered the issue because the offer was very serious and the interest was concrete and real ”.