Moises Fuentes ya empezó su rehabilitación física en la Ciudad de México

Moses Fuentes overcame complicated situations in addition to the brain issue and is already in rehabilitation, confirmed the president of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaimán.

“He is already in rehabilitation,” he reported Sulaiman Saldivar. “He had delicate issues in addition to the brain issue of that injury, thank God it has already come out.”

On November 26, the promoter Oswaldo Küchle confirmed to LEFT PUNCH that Moses Fuentes he had been transferred from Cancun to Mexico City by air ambulance. However, he had to overcome pneumonia to begin his rehabilitation, which he has already achieved.

Moisés Fuentes is at the National Rehabilitation Institute

Now he is at the National Rehabilitation Institute, where he is monitored every day, hoping that he has a satisfactory and speedy recovery.

“He is in constant medical care,” added the president of the CMB. “He is at the National Rehabilitation Institute. We are monitoring every day and very vigilant, asking God to have a successful recovery. “

The president of the Mexico-based body did not want to talk more about the issue and only asked to hope that Moses Fuentes have a great recovery.

It was last October 16 when Moi returned to activity at the Oasis Arena in Cancun, where he was knocked out by David cuéllar in the sixth round.

After falling after the brutal left hand he was treated in the ring. Later he was transferred to a hospital in Cancun, where he underwent surgery for a clot in the brain and where he was hospitalized for more than a month.