'Tata' Martino accepts that 2021 was his worst year at the helm of El Tri

The Argentine technical director recognizes that in terms of results and performance, the year that is ending is the worst of his management

AUSTIN – Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, technical director of Mexico, was self-critical and assured that 2021 was the worst year he has lived in front of the Tricolor. The Argentine helmsman did not keep anything when asked his evaluation of the year, which left painful defeats against U.S in the Concacaf Nations League, Gold Cup and in the World Cup qualifier.

“It is the worst year of our tenure. In 2019, 2020 and 20121, in results and performance it is the worst year of my tenure ”, said the ‘Tata’ at a press conference after the two-goal tie against Chile.

Even, Martino He recognized that having stability in defense and constancy in terms of names is one of the main objectives for the following year, the same year in which the qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played.

“We have played two friendlies, with Ecuador and tonight. Two knockout games and we scored nine goals in four games with different defenses, evidently consolidating a defense that guarantees us to attack as is our conviction is a goal and objective. To recover the solidity that we had in another moment ”, he clarified.

About Marcelo Flores

Asked about the few minutes he gave to Marcelo Flores placeholder image Despite the distance he traveled for this game, the ‘Tata’ Martino He said that this should not be a factor to consider and asked that the youth’s hand not be burdened so much.

“That he comes from so far away is not a reason for him to play more for the national team. Play what we think you have to play, then remoteness is not an argument. It came in when we considered ”, said the ‘Tata’.

“I understand the expectations that it can generate and I ask you to be prudent with the demands that can be generated on an 18-year-old boy,” he concluded.