The numbers that led Moneta to win the award for the best player of the year in Seven

Marcos Moneta won the award for the best player of the year in Seven. Behind the award, there are fantastic numbers from the back that led him to be highlighted by World Rugby.

The back of The Pumas 7’s was one of the key pieces of the Argentine team to achieve the Bronze in Tokyo 2020. At the olympic games, Moneta He was the tryman of the tournament with six wins, in the same number of games.

In two key duels, the man from San Andrés appeared. First of all, Moneta supported two tries in the quarterfinals against South Africa and also managed to score one in the match for third place against Britain.

As for the World Tour, in the last stage of the Seven from Dubai, the back scored four tries in other important matches, such as the Bronze match against France (hat-trick). It should be remembered that he could not be present in the first edition because he met the Barbarians.

At the beginning of 2021, Moneta was one of the figures of The Pumas 7’s in the two rounds of the Seven of Madrid, since he managed to support nine tries and be a key part of the title achieved. In addition, he also stood out in the Seven of The Angels, in the pre-Tokyo 2020.

With Los Pumas 7’s, Moneta had a 2021 to stand out with six titles and three Bronze medals: the South American in Chile, the two Sevens in Madrid, the two tournaments in Dubai and the Seven in Los Angeles, while he also added three Bronze podiums: Tokyo 2020 and the two stages of the World Tour in Dubai, of which he participated in the last week.