Tigres del Licey denies complaints made by former employees

The organization expressed its “astonishment and dismay” at the statements given by former club employees to ESPN about the working environment that prevails within it.

The Licey Athletic Club came out in response to statements made by former employees of the organization to ESPN Digital denying what was collected in the investigative work on alleged situations that point to issues of labor, racial and sexual conflicts.

In the full statement they state the following: “Club Atlético Licey Inc., expresses its astonishment and dismay regarding some defamatory statements circulating in the media, made by alleged former employees of the organization, clearly with the intention of discrediting us and destabilizing the focus of this season. “

“Our offices have never received reports, complaints, denunciations or internal and / or legal notifications about actions that threaten the moral and / or physical integrity of the staff. In these 114 years that we have traveled since our foundation, we have always acted in accordance with the moral law, good manners and ethics, focused on winning championships and continuing our Social Responsibility programs “.

“We are currently consulting with our legal team, in order to determine the next actions to follow,” the statement concluded.

The statement comes after yesterday, Wednesday, in response to a request for comment on the statements by the Dominican newspaper. Free Journal, the president of the blue team, Ricardo Ravelo, expressed “not feeling motivated to speak on the subject.”

ESPN Digital published an article in which several former employees confessed the occurrence of alleged practices that include mistreatment, a toxic work environment, and episodes of racism and sexuality.