Miguel Ángel González recibió la visita de Carlos Zárate en el centro de rehabilitación contra adicciones

The former lightweight world champion, Miguel Ángel González, is relying on boxing to achieve his recovery from addictions and can be seen through a video obtained by LEFT PUNCH, where the pear hits.

Interned for two months at Hacienda Nueva Vida, which he directs Aaron Silva in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, the recovery of the Wizard González It is on the right track, as it looks in good condition.

In the video, you see Miguel Angel Gonzalez with dark pants and white shirt with the legend Silva boxing, in the gym of the Hacienda Nueva Vida addiction rehabilitation center. In the pictures, the Wizard It begins with a left hand to the pear, without losing sight of it, before hitting it with right and left for a few seconds.

He then beats her in sync, which shows that he is in good condition after two months in the rehab clinic and that he still does not forget how to hit her, with coordination and speed. A right hand puts an end to the images.

Miguel Ángel González received a visit from Carlos Zárate at the addiction rehabilitation center

Miguel Ángel González and the chronicle of a recovery

Thus, what they mentioned is demonstrated Aaron Silva, director of Hacienda Nueva Vida, and former champion Carlos Zarate. Miguel Angel Gonzalez he is in a clear recovery to overcome the addictions that had him sunk.

The first week of last October a video was circulated in which the Wizard in poor condition, in a street situation. LEFT PUNCH He found him and he mentioned that in times of a pandemic it was difficult for them to help him.

Days later, and with the help of World Boxing Council (WBC), was forcibly taken to the rehab clinic. There, Gonzalez He has been in for two months and he looks much better than in those images, where he was seen in the street, with dirty clothes and disoriented.

Just the tuesday before Aaron Silva said the current situation of Miguel Angel is stable. Boxing has been one of his main motivations, as it helps to train young people who are interned.

He even mentioned that he could receive a salary for teaching boxing classes. He sees him in such good condition, he could even have an exhibition fight when he’s fully recovered and out of the clinic.

The same Tuesday he visited him Carlos Zarate, who shared with LEFT PUNCH that although I saw him a little sad, he also noted his conviction to get away from the bad steps and recover completely.

In images of the visit of the Cañas Zárate, it is appreciated to Miguel Angel with a good demeanor, groomed and smiling. A clear sign that his recovery is on the right track.

Aaron Silva He commented that for the former world champion to be fully recovered, he needs six to eight months of hospitalization. The Wizard He will still have to be at least four more months, but he is on the right track.