Barracas Central Argentine Futsal Champion

Less than two months ago Barracas Central won the final of the Gold Cup against Racing 3-2, and this Thursday he was once again champion of the Argentine Futsal League, which undoubtedly makes him the best team of the season.

The final series was defined in the third game, after having tied the first two games and in one having lost and in another having won from penalties. But in the final clash, El Guapo showed his superiority and reflected it with the forcefulness that expresses the 4 to 1 final.

The game was played in Villa Modelo and Barracas was superior to Boca from the first moment. Nahuel Bontempo opened the account with a head, when Guido Mosenson was halfway there. At the end of the first stage, goalkeeper Nicolás Kravetzky saved a sixth foul on Pablo Vidal and once again showed that he was the best goalkeeper of the season – inexplicably Hebráica decided not to have his services for this League – and was key in the champion structure in this tournament.

In the second half, the Venezuelan Momoy Terán expanded the account, after a pass to the far post from Bontempo himself. And when Boca sank into nervousness and errors, Franco Garrido took advantage of a pass that was too short from Pipi Giménez, to make it 3-0.

In the absence of three minutes, already with the player goalkeeper game, Juan Pablo Cuello discounted for Xeneize, but with fourteen seconds left, Biagio Russo stole a ball and defined the empty goal, conquering the final 4-1, which unleashed the euphoria in Gerli, which enabled the celebrations of Barracas Central, which adds its first AFA League.