The International Olympic Committee decided to stop boxing from being a competition at the Olympics, after Paris 2024, although there are still chances that he can rejoin the fair.

As it became known in the last hours, there will be no boxing for Los Angeles 2028. Also, weightlifting and the modern pentathlon will also disappear.

The decision, particularly in the box, is due to the fact that some rules are not adaptable to the Olympic spirit. A modification in them could generate the continuity of this sport.

The conditions for boxing to remain an Olympic sport

Thomas Bach, President of International Olympic Committee, he assured that the international sports federations that would come out of the Olympic calendar, must address specific problems. If they can satisfy the demands of the COI, in 2023 they could return to the calendar for the fair of 2028.

Strangely, the International Amateur Boxing Association has not spoken so far, nor did he show any intention of reaching an agreement with the COI.

“The AIBA it must address concerns about its governance, financial transparency and sustainability, as well as the integrity of its referees and its judges, ”he said. Thomas Bach.

An investigation found that at the 2016 Olympics there were fights arranged with the complicity of judges and referees.

In order for the program to retain its number of 28 disciplines, surfing, climbing and skateboarding will be considered as new activities.

These practices had their auspicious debut in Tokyo 2020 + 1, with audience levels much higher than what the authorities expected.

This imposition will be ratified on January 31, when the Executive Committee Assembly. From now to date, no probable changes are estimated between what has happened so far.

There will no longer be Olympic boxing. Both the fans and the participants themselves, without inconvenience, will have their last great moment of enjoyment in 2024.