Champion wanted!  SIC and CUBA will meet in the grand final of the URBA Top 12, on Saturday at 4:25 p.m. on Star +

This weekend the URBA Top 12 final on the CASI court. The day Saturday, SIC will face CUBA, encounter can be lived from 16.25 live on Star +.

SIC vs. CUBA (Saturday at 16.25 live on Star + and ESPN 3)

SIC defends the crown it obtained in 2019, the last one prior to the arrival of the pandemic. CUBA returns to a final after six years without playing it and two playoffs to retain the category, in 2018 and 2019. The Cubans have not given a return since 2013, a season that ended a long 43-year drought without titles.

With 26 titles, SIC is the second most winning club in Buenos Aires behind its classic rival, CASI. The cast of Boulogne obtained its first coronation in 1939, and then repeated in 1941 and 1948. From 1970, the year in which it shared the title with CUBA for the only time, its years of splendor arrived. They were four-time champions between 1970 and 1973 and from 1977 to 1980. In 1983 and 1984 they won again, to put another tri in 1987, 1988 and 1989. In the ’90s they were the kings in 1993, 1994, 1997 and 1999. In The new century started with three titles in a row in the decade: 2002, 2003 and 2004 and closed it with a double in 2010-2011. The last one was last year in the middle of RWC in Japan, to celebrate again after eight years.

CUBA is the third club with the most conquests, just behind the SIC, with 14 titles. The first coronation was in 1931. The decade of the ’40 was the most fruitful for the institution, achieving five achievements in the years: 1942, 1944, 1945, 1947. Then came the four-time championship, with the tournaments of 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952. From there everything began to be more spaced, after being dominant at the close of the sixties: 1965, 1968, 1969 and 1970. The last championship won is still fresh in the memory of its fans, cutting a 43-year drought : with the prison of Bautista Güemes to unleash the madness in the Cathedral before Hindú, in 2013.

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With anguish, emotion and a lot of mystery. So were the two semifinals of the URBA Top 12, which were decided by minimal details about the closure of both games and with definitions not suitable for heart patients.

The SIC had to wait until the last moment to break the resistance of Hindú, after an endless sequence of penalties, minutes added by the referee Nehuén Jauri Rivero and four yellow cards for Don Torcuato’s team. With eleven Hindu players he held out as far as he could, but he did not manage to play the last scrum that with the strip – take out he found Justo Piccardo left over on the right to score the try that meant the tie with 28 goals for the trenchers and, consequently, the go to the grand final for your best position of the year.

This equality marked another luck with respect to the 2008 semifinal against Newman, which ended equal in six goals at La Catedral, and that marker gave the pass to the Cardenal, who that season had finished better than Boulogne’s club.

The team of González Bonorino and Lucas Cilley reaches the defining match with 77 tries supported and distributed among 19 players from a squad of 36 who added minutes in the superior category during this season: nine were backs and ten forwards. Mateo Madero (10) and Justo Piccardo (8) were the tryman between the three quarters, while Tomás Meyrelles and Federico Haedo (7 each) were the most effective of the forwards.

On the other hand, CUBA also celebrated an epic victory for how it resolved the closing of its semifinal. He was left with one player less due to the warning to Francisco Patrono and without resigning himself to the disadvantage he went to look for him against the best team in the regular phase. And with the arrival of Lucas Piña, he achieved a victory flavored with a feat by the slightest difference: 16 to 15.

Universitario beat Newman for the third time in a semifinal, after the successes of 2015 (13-12) and 2013 (27-15). In 2014, he reached the decisive match after beating La Plata, 27 to 14. Of the 37 players used by CUBA, only 17 of them managed to score tries: seven were forwards and ten were backs. However, those who scored the most were their forwards, with Enrique Devoto (8 wins) and Estanislao Carullo (6). Of the three quarters, Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe and Rafael Iriarte (5 each) were the most destabilizing.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The SIC arrived as the candidate, it was one of the teams in the general consideration, after winning in 2019 and playing all year between the first two places in the URBA Top 12 table. While CUBA had a year of extensive prominence, because it was affirmed with the passing of the dates and established itself among the five best. Already in the second round he crowned his classification a date before to leave Belgrano Athletic out. The two will seek glory in La Catedral in a definition unpublished since this format was established in 1998.

THE BACKGROUND: This year they played both times in Villa de Mayo. In the first round, the SIC prevailed, by 13 to 8, while in the second University phase it did so by 26 to 20 in the part corresponding to Zone A. From 1997 to date, the SIC doubles CUBA in victories, twenty over ten.

Since 1999 they have not crossed in the final instances. On that occasion it was for the semifinals of that tournament that the SIC later won. The trenchers at that time won by a narrow margin: 12 to 10.