Champions League: How much money did each club earn from their performance in the group stage?

With the end of the Champions League group stage, it is possible to establish a ranking of who has won the most money in the main club tournament in the world. And, of course, those who are far behind the rest in fundraising.

First, it is good to explain how the payment of the UEFA. In total, the Champions League distribute a cake of 2 billion euros, 2.2 trillion dollars, to all its participants, from the initial phases to the definition of the champion, at the end of the season.

Whoever competes in the group stage automatically guarantees the prize pool of 15.64 million euros. Subsequently, the UEFA pay 2.8 million euros for every victory and 930,000 euros for a draw at this stage. Defeats, of course, don’t count.

So the better the campaign, the more money the club makes. Ajax, Bayern Munich and Liverpool took advantage of this very well, with 100% success, and won the largest possible sum.

In addition to the money for being in the group stage, the three took 16.8 million euros for the results, plus 9.6 million euros paid for qualifying to the knockout stages of the final. In total, they were 47.57 million dollars.

Very close in the ranking are Real Madrid and Juventus, who won five games each and therefore pocketed a total of 39.24 million each. Among those guaranteed in the tie, the one who did the least was the Atlético de Madrid, with 31.77 m.

See the full list of Euro values ​​below:

  • Liverpool – € 42.04 million

  • Ajax – 42.04 mde

  • Bayern Munich – 42.04 million

  • Real Madrid – 39.24 million euros

  • Juventus – 39.24 million

  • Chelsea – 37.37 million

  • Manchester City – 36.44m

  • PSG – 35.5 mde

  • Manchester United: 35.5m

  • Lille – 35.5 mde

  • Inter Milan – 34.57m

  • Red Bull Salzburg – $ 34.57

  • Villarreal – 34.57 million

  • Sporting – 33.64 mde

  • Benfica – 32.7 million

  • Atlético de Madrid – 31.77 million euros

All of them will still have the opportunity to further increase the coffers. If they have already won a lot to reach the knockout stages, future rankings are worth a lot more.

There are 10.6 million euros to qualify for the quarterfinals, others 12.5 million to reach the semifinals and 15.5 million to reach the final. The champion still carries 4.5 million euros extra.


Among the teams that stayed on the road, Borussia Dortmund stood out, who took home 24.04 million euros, even above Barcelona. The team of Xavi, who won twice and scored twice in the group stage, pocketed 22.17 million.

But there are those who have earned less than him Barça. This is the case, for example, of the Milan, that won 19.37 million euros and didn’t even qualify for the Europa League.

See the ranking of who was eliminated:

  • Borussia Dortmund – € 24.04 million

  • RB Leipzig – 22.17 mde

  • Sheriff Tiraspol – 22.17 mde

  • Barcelona – 22.17 mde

  • Atalanta – 21.23 mde

  • Seville – 21.23 mde

  • Porto – 20.3 million

  • Young Boys: 20.3 m

  • Wolfsburg – 20.3 mde

  • Zenith – 20.3 mde

  • Club Brugge – 19.37 mde

  • Milan – 19.37 m

  • Shakhtar – 17.5 mde

  • Dynamo Kiev – 16.57m

  • Malmo – 16.57 mde

  • Besiktas – 15.64 m