Chiquita González piensa que Julio César Chávez Jr puede volver a ser campeón mundial

Humberto “Chiquita” González assured that Julio César Chávez Jr He has the qualities to return to the elite of boxing again, but he has to do it with discipline.

“He has what to be a figure with,” said the Chiquita González in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But that he dedicates himself, that he does things well, that’s what he should do.”

It will be next December 18 when Chavez Jr fight again. It will be against the Peruvian David zegarra, looking to start a winning streak that will lead him to the dispute of a world title.

“For me it does have something to stand out again,” insisted the former light fly world champion. “But prepare yourself, dedicate yourself, I know that he can do much more dedicating himself.”

Photo: JCChavezjr (Instagram)

Chiquita González believes that Chávez Jr can be world champion again

The idea of ​​the son of the legendary Julio Cesar ChavezIn addition to ruling out retirement, it means making several more fights and being a world champion again. The Chiquita González you think you can do it again.

“I’ve known him since he was a child and I know he really wants to,” he recalled. Humberto González. “And if he returns, I only recommend that you put all the desire in the world on him. If he can be champion again, but it is with a lot of discipline ”.

After several months away from social networks, the Junior He reappeared last month with footage of him training in the gym heading into his next fight, which was confirmed in November.

He insisted on a press conference that he is ready to reappear, wanting to fight and convince the fans that have criticized him in his last lawsuits, aware that he can give more, be more aggressive and throw more blows.