Gerrard and his return to Anfield: "For me it's only three points"

Aston Villa coach Steven Gerrard will return to Anfield this Saturday for the first time as a coach, but downplayed the moment and said that the important thing for him is the three points.

Gerrard, who has three victories and one defeat since taking over the ‘Villains’, will face for the first time the team in which he played 17 seasons and where he took his first steps training at the academy.

“I respect and understand all the commotion that has arisen around this game for obvious reasons,” said the English coach.

“But what I focus on is preparing the game in the best way I can, to try to achieve a positive result for Aston Villa. I understand that for many people it is a great moment, for me it is only three points. a great football game and it’s 90 minutes in which we have to be focused, “he added.

Villa will face Liverpool seeking the Premier League lead after closing the Champions group stage with victories. Gerrard’s men beat Leicester City last week and add nine points out of twelve since the English coach arrived, with the only loss to Manchester City.