Los consejos que ‘The Mountain’ de Juego de Tronos le dio a Tyson Fury para bajar grasa corporal

Tyson Fury, heavyweight champion of CMB met Hafthor bjornson, actor who played ‘The Mountain’ in the series Game of Thrones Thrones), who currently boasts a muscular body and for this reason the Englishman asked him for advice to lower his body fat.

“So how often do you train to be like this?” He asked. Tyson.

“Diet. It is 90% diet. Right now there are no weights, strength conditioning, and a lot of cardio, “he replied. ‘The Mountain’ to Tyson fury.

In addition, Gypsy king He compared his body to that of the actor, and pointed out that he has trained since he was a child and has never had such a well-formed body.

“But look at you compared to me, I have trained all my life since I was a child, but obviously I do not have the proper training,” he said. Fury. “I don’t eat the right foods and they are definitely not the right ones. For example, I trained today and went to eat at KFC or Burger King. “

Bjornson He made it clear to the boxer that he should change his diet to see the results in his body.

“I would say that the diet is probably hampering your body, that’s all you want the right body,” he added.

Tyson Fury impressed by the muscles of ‘The Mountain’

The heavyweight champion bombarded the actor who measures 2 meters and six centimeters and has a lot of muscle mass with questions.

“What percentage do you have now, about 12 percent? (body fat) ”asked the champion, to which the actor replied probably.

“You have a lot of muscle mass (currently),” Fury questioned.

“Yes, it always depends on who you will face,” he replied. Bjornson.

Reportedly Hafthor is training to fight against Eddie hall in 2022 in an exhibition boxing match.

Finally, Fury he gave an example to Anthony Joshua saying he is a muscular boxer, but in very poor physical condition.

“In a boxing match, if you see Anthony JoshuaYou see that the guy runs out quickly, “he said. “See me, I’m in terrible physical shape, but I can take thirty rounds.”