Tomás de la Vega, with Scrum: "I would give anything to share this with my brother"

The finals are played inside the court but also intensely lived outside the green grass. Tomás De la Vega, former player and emblem of the CUBA champion team in 2013, chatted with Scrum and analyzed from France what will be a new final for the Villa de Mayo team and in which his brother, Felipe, will be present.

With present in the Provence of the Pro D2 of France, and with prospects of returning to join the Toronto Arrows ranks of the MLR, starting in January, the outer line of Los Pumas spoke with Scrum in the pre-match for the URBA Top 12 title between CUBA and SIC.

How is CUBA for this final?

– “Having been away most of the year, I was not lucky enough to experience the club so closely in this special year. But even from a distance, talking a lot with my friends and with Pipe, my brother, who is having a first year in a spectacular squad, I get the feeling that this is a special year for the club. I think that what we are experiencing today is the result of previous years, where the same players who are going to play in a final tomorrow, knew how to bank and face two years in a row playing finals so as not to be relegated and that I think greatly forged the character and personality that they have today on the field. In addition to guys like Lucas Piña who decided to play again and accompany younger boys in this project What Pipe, Rafa Iriarte, Tano Carullo or Bautista Casaurang “.

Where do the keys to this final pass?

“As for CUBA, I trust 100% in the approach that the coaches and the team leaders have in mind. But without a doubt, in a final, discipline, good fixed formations and a solid defense are going to be key.”

Due to what happened in the year, does the SIC arrive as a favorite?

“I think that the finals you have to know how to play them and there are no favorites in relation to what may have happened before that day. Anyone can win, they are separate games.”

What feelings does seeing your brother on the court generate in you?

“I follow him on TV every game and I’m happy for him and everything he’s having to live. I earn it for everything he did to be able to be in that place today. I have mixed feelings, because it reminds me of when It was my turn to be in that place, a few years ago, and to be able to play in a URBA final. I would give anything to be there sharing this with him. Today I follow the team from here and it gives me immense joy to see everything that they are achieving and living. Not only the players but the whole Club. I will have time later to play CUBA again with Pipe and my friends, which is the most beautiful thing about rugby. “

What is the plus that experienced ones like Piña, Maguire and Ávalos can give you?

“Very much. They know how to play these games because they have played decisive instances many times and they have a tremendous winning mentality. I’m sure they pass them on to the youngest and the whole team. Their presence and personality on the pitch will be key to morning”.