Julio César Chávez padre e hijo

Julio César Chávez Jr He acknowledges that various deconcentrations have prevented him from giving his best in the ring, but he is ready to show that after some changes the fans will see him better.

“All the time I prepare strong, but I have had many deconcentration in the fights for one thing or another,” he acknowledged Chávez Jr. “The training must be physical, but also mental and it has failed mentally a little ”.

After half a year of absence after his defeat with Anderson Silva, the son of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez will return to activity this December 18 against the Peruvian David zegarra, more focused and sure that it will offer a better version.

“I have seen qualities in the ring and I want to prove myself this time,” commented the Junior in statements you provided JD Promotions. “People are going to see someone better, more focused, in good condition and something different from what they have seen.”

He commented that the distractions he had caused him stress and fatigue, but he is sure that now he wants to fight and that will show.

“Although they seem insignificant things, I realized that the distractions were stressing me, tiring me and I was not in the fight,” he considered. “Right now I am focused on fighting and I am doing things properly so that my body responds better to me in the fight.”

The deconcentration of Julio César Chávez Jr.

From his fight to take place in the Palenque of the cattle market in Culiacan, 10 rounds at light heavyweight, said he feels good with rivals like Zegarra.

“I feel good with these types of fights, with opponents who demand more and more,” he commented. “In the future we can bring good fights and that people can see me in other places.”

Glad to fight in CuliacanSince it is his land and people want to see him, he thanked all his followers for their support, as they have not lost faith in him and believe that he can still do something important in boxing.

“My followers are the best,” he concluded. “I have said it because they are always there, I fight for them because they have never lost my faith, they are the ones who say there is something else and I am going to believe them.”

JC Chávez Jr has three losses in his last four fights, with Daniel jacobs, Mario Cazares Y Anderson Silva, and he hopes to return to triumph for a world title shot.

I’d even be interested in a rematch with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who defeated him on May 6, 2017 with a clear unanimous decision in Las Vegas.