Con brutal nocaut, Conor Benn desconect├│ a Chris Algieri

Conor benn pulverized Chris Algieri with a brutal fourth round knockout to confirm himself as one of the most electrifying prospects in welterweight, this Saturday in Liverpool, England.

As a synodal, the experienced Algieri was put as proof that Benn overcame without problems.

Benn began by systematically punishing the body of the eared Algieri, who immediately began to be cautious when feeling the punch of the English. But nevertheless, Algieri contacted some very long blows.

In the second round, Chris Algieri he went to the canvas for the first time, in a mix of bump and stumble. The hit of Benn find the temple of Algieri that goes to the mat, and almost rolled out of the ring.

Benn continued to land power shots, while Algieri try to connect with isolated hits. The blow of Benn about Algieri. And, furthermore, English is still focused on loosening up Algieri hitting the body.

The denouement came in the fourth round and brutally. Algieri, Against the ropes, he threw a jab that Benn was waiting, he took it off and finished with a very hard 1-2, left and right that penetrated the guard of Algieri to fully find your chin.

Algieri it went to the canvas, slowly, like an imploding building in demolition. The medical assistants had to attend to Algieri who never got off the canvas while the count lasted, and a few seconds later, he was able to rejoin the bench, after the hard knockout.