Aaron Rodgers will continue with his finger injury for the rest of the season

Medics cannot completely numb Aaron Rodgers’ toe, as the player needs to feel his foot

The Green Bay Packers quarterback’s toe injury is expected to Aaron Rodgers, last the rest of the season, the sources told ESPN.

An informant slipped ESPN that doctors can’t fully numb the fractured left little finger because Rodgers has to feel his foot to pitch; otherwise it would not feel when it is planted.


If Rodgers had chosen to have surgery during the season, the surgery would have required a pin to be placed in his toe, and the three-time league MVP is unable to play with the pin. Therefore, Rodgers will delay his decision to undergo surgery until after the season, if it is necessary at that time.

“I have to see how he reacts on Sunday when he plays again,” he said. Rodgers on Wednesday. “But this was very, very positive, the time to heal and do nothing for now for 10 days. That has been very, very helpful. So we hope we can get to the other side of this.”

Rodgers He enters Sunday with 2,878 passing yards and has thrown 23 touchdown passes against just four interceptions this season.