Chávez Jr. habló de cómo es la relación con su papá

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. assured that his father Julio Cesar Chavez He speaks from the ignorance of his health and his physical and emotional state.

“Sometimes they tell my dad things that he doesn’t understand,” he said. JC in their stories of Instagram. “And what happens to me is that I get pissed off and it bothers me that my dad is distracted with me because I never bothered him. I have always worked to be good with him and not bother him ”.

It is not the first time that Jr. record multiple videos in Instagram at dawn. During these stories he has used filters on the eyes, since they look crystalline.

Despite its condition, JC He stated that many times his tense relationship with his father is due to the fact that the legend receives comments far from the reality of his person.

“He says weird things about me,” she said. “Because how they see me right now I’m always with him or better, because right now I’m giving the weight for the fight. My brothers say that I am the spoiled child, but because they are doing very badly, they are very antreros. My dad has never seen me bad.

Julio César Chávez Jr.’s relationship with his father

During the session, Chavez Jr. He came to confess a moment in his life that marked him around the age of 18 when, according to his words, his father insisted that he marry a friend of hers just because he liked her.

“I remember that when I was 18 years old, he insisted that I marry a friend of mine,” she mentioned. “But then that was just because he liked it. And yes no, I was very upset ”.

The Jr He is in preparation to return to the ring on December 18, where he will face David zegarra in Culiacan. However, according to what has been said in his stories, he does not seem to be very comfortable.

“Right now I’m getting ready to go back, but I’m all screwed up in the neck, from training and even chuecón I’m walking, but all in all I’m fine,” he said.