NFL: The data you should know about the Sunday session of Week 14

The Week 14 of the NFL continues its action this Sunday with a day in which multiple Super Bowl candidate teams will have action.

The day began on Thursday night with the exciting victory of the Minnesota Vikings, 36-28 on Pittsburgh steelersHowever, we could still have equal or tighter duels for the remainder of the game. Week 13.

The Indianapolis Colts, Miami dolphins, New england patriots Y Philadelphia Eagles they will have no action because they enjoy their week off.

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The Week 14 It also represents an opportunity to see if teams that struggled last matchday can return to victory as the Buffalo bills Y San Francisco 49ers.

By last, Los Angeles Rams will visit the Arizona cardinals in a “Monday Night Football“Which is not only a crucial game in the NFC West, but also represents the possibility of a sweep for the locals.

These are the data you should know about the matches of Week 14:

  • They have met 122 times in the regular season (Chiefs lead the series 67-53-2).

  • Raiders they lost four of their last five games after the bye week (they started the season 5-2).

  • Derek Carr is one of two quarterbacks (Joe Burrow) who has completed at least 60 percent of his passes in each of his team’s games this year.

  • Chiefs They are 14-3 against Raiders since 2013. It is their best mark against any rival they faced at least five times in that span.

  • Patrick Mahomes is 18-3 in his career against divisional rivals (all three losses were at home).

  • Patrick Mahomes threw five touchdown passes the last time he faced Raiders. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only quarterback with more than seven touchdown passes in a campaign against Raiders, is Dave Krieg (9 in 1988).

  • They have met 45 times in the regular season (Ravens lead the series 34-11).

  • Ravens They have four straight games with fewer than 20 points and 350 total yards (it’s their worst streak since 2005).

  • Lamar Jackson’s 37 sacks this season are the highest in the NFL and also in his career.

  • Browns they are 0-4 this season when rushing for less than 150 yards (6-2 when they exceed that number).

  • Baker Mayfield is 2-5 in his career against Ravens (four consecutive defeats).

  • They have met 120 times in the regular season (Cowboys lead the series 73-45-2).

  • Cowboys they lost the annual series to Washington in 2020 (they haven’t lost three in a row against that team since 1986-88).

  • Ezekiel Elliott has rushed for less than 50 yards rushing in the past four games (worst streak of his career).

  • The four-game winning streak of Washington It is the longest active for an NFC team.

  • Taylor Heinicke completed at least 70 percent of his passes during his team’s four-game winning streak. That’s the longest streak in the history of Washington for a quarterback with at least 20 passes thrown in each game.

  • They have met 13 times in the regular season (Saints lead the series 7-6).

  • For the first time since 2005 that Saints they register five consecutive defeats.

  • Taysom Hill threw four interceptions last week (he had four career total before that game).

  • It is the sixth time since 2006 that Saints They have a winning percentage below .500 with Sean Payton after 12 games (they didn’t make the playoffs the previous five times).

  • The Jets they have 25 turnovers in 2021 (highest in the NFL). Also, they are the only team with at least one loose ball in every game.

  • Zach Wilson has thrown at least one interception in seven of his eight starts this season (the exception was in Week 7 against the Patriots when he was injured).

  • They have met 53 times in the regular season (Falcons lead the series 33-20).

  • The point spread (-71) of the Falcons since Week 10, he’s the worst in the entire NFL.

  • Matt Ryan has four games in a row throwing fewer than two touchdown passes. It’s his worst streak since Weeks 12-17 of 2017 (six in a row).

  • Panthers they have lost seven of their last nine games after starting the season 3-0.

  • Cam Newton has 10 consecutive losses as the starting quarterback of Panthers. His last triumph was in Week 9 of 2018 against Buccaneers.

  • They have met 53 times in the regular season (Titans lead the series 32-21).

  • Jaguars They have 6 games in a row scoring 17 or fewer points (it’s the worst active streak in the NFL).

  • Trevor Lawrence has five touchdownless games this season. That only happened to him twice at Clemson.

  • The Titans They are 1-5 against rookie quarterbacks in the Mike Vrabel era (since 2008). The only win came against Trevor Lawrence in Week 5.

  • Ryan Tannehill is one of seven quarterbacks with eight or more wins this season. His number of touchdown passes (14) is the fewest among those seven quarterbacks.

  • They have met four times in the regular season (Seahawks lead the series 3-1).

  • Seahawks they have three losses in a row on the road. They haven’t lost four in a row away since they selected Russell Wilson in the 2012 draft.

  • Russell Wilson is 43-8 in his career against teams with at least 10 losses in a season (Houston is 2-10 this year).

  • The 13.7 points allowed per game of the Texans are the lowest average in the league this year and the lowest in a season since the Chiefs (13.2) of 2012.

  • The Texans They are the only team mathematically eliminated from contention for a playoff spot at the start of the season. Week 14.

  • They have met 12 times in the regular season (Chargers lead series 7-5).

  • Giants with the only team this season that has not allowed an opposing player to record three touchdowns by land or air.

  • None of the runners or receivers of the Giants has scored a touchdown in the last five games (worst streak in team history).

  • The Chargers They are the only team this season that averages 26 points per game both for and against.

  • With three touchdown passes, Justin Herbert will become the first quarterback in history with 30 touchdowns in each of his first two seasons.

  • Justin Herbert has 58 touchdown passes in his career. It takes two to join Dan Marino (68) as the only quarterbacks in NFL history with at least 60 touchdown passes in his first two seasons.

  • They have met 13 times in the regular season (Broncos lead series 8-5).

  • Lions They are looking for wins in a row for the first time since Weeks 6-7 of 2020 (they have played 22 games since then).

  • Jared Goff is coming off his first win without Sean McVay. He was 0-16-1 without him prior to that win.

  • Broncos They are 3-1 against NFC opponents this season (3-5 against AFC opponents).

  • Teddy Bridgewater has five straight games throwing fewer than two touchdown passes.

  • They have met 11 times in the regular season (Buccaneers lead series 7-4).

  • Bills They haven’t lost games in a row since Weeks 5-6 of last season.

  • Quarterbacks 25 and under, like Josh Allen, are 0-8 against Tom Brady (Allen’s is 0-3).

  • Buccaneers clinch their first divisional title since 2007 with a win combined with a loss or draw for the Saints and a defeat or draw of the Panthers.

  • Tom Brady has 7,125 career completions. With 18 more, he will surpass the record that belongs to Drew Brees (7,142 completions).

  • Tom Brady is 67-16 for his career in December. He has 15 more wins than any other quarterback in that month since 1970.

  • Tom Brady is 17-1 in his career against teams that allowed opposing quarterbacks to have the lowest passer rating prior to their meeting (including Playoffs).

  • Tom Brady is 32-3 in his career against Bills (nine wins in a row). Those 32 wins are the most for a quarterback against a particular opponent since 1950.

  • They have met 14 times in the regular season (49ers lead the series 10-4).

  • 49ers They are 5-2 and are averaging 28.7 points per game against opponents outside their division this year (1-4, 20.4 points per game against divisional opponents).

  • Jimmy Garoppolo has averaged 9.3 yards per attempt since Week 8 (highest average in the NFL since).

  • Nick Bosa has 12.0 sacks this season. No other played of the Niners registers more than 3.5 captures in 2021.

  • Bengals They are the first team since 2014 with 4 wins by 19 points difference and with multiple losses by that same difference in one campaign.

  • Joe Burrow has his second game in a row where he will face one of the Bosa brothers. He was teammates with both at Ohio State (Joey in 2015 and Nick in 2016-17).

  • They have met 201 times in the regular season (Packers lead the series 101-94-6).

  • Bears they have five losses in a row on the road against Packers. His last win at Green Bay was in Week 12 of 2015 with Jay Cutler as his quarterback.

  • If he starts, Andy Dalton would become the 21st other quarterback of the Bears to start a match against Packers since 1992 (the Packers have only had three starting quarterbacks against Bears in that same period).

  • Packers They have four consecutive losses after their bye week (they had a break in Week 13).

  • Packers They have 10 consecutive home wins in the regular season (longest active streak in the NFL).

  • Aaron Rodgers is 22-5 in his career against the Bears (five wins in a row). Only Brett Favre has more wins (23) against Chicago since 1950.