Tómese un tequilita: Julio César Chávez y el día que calmó a Vicente Fernández para poder cantar el Himno Nacional Mexicano

Julio Cesar Chavez and his entourage tried to calm Vicente Fernandez in the dressing room, because the famous Mexican singer had to sing the Mexican national anthem in Las Vegas, prior to the fight of the great Mexican champion with Héctor “Macho” Camacho, on September 12, 1992.

The fight between Chavez Y Camacho, which was marinated for several years, may well be considered the largest and most media fight in the history of Mexican boxing. It is not the best victory, nor the most significant sporting triumph, but it is the fight that generated the most attention, which paralyzed an entire country.

Y Vicente Fernandez, who by then was already one of the greatest figures in Mexican music, he was right to be nervous. And more, because singing the Mexican national anthem had become a curse. Several of the most experienced stars of music had forgotten the letter in full performance.

“He was with us Vicente Fernandez“, Narrates Rodolfo Chavez, brother of July in the book Julio César Chávez: The True Story. “We noticed him a little restless. I was drinking water every moment ”.

Seeing the nervousness of Vicente Fernandez, the same Julio Cesar Chavez, who was warming up for one of the most important fights of his life, worried about the singer.

“Have a tequilita to relieve yourself,” he suggested. July to Vincent.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, oh my champion, how do you think”, he replied Vincent. “I shouldn’t, I’m drinking water, because I have to sing well.”

“And why are you nervous?” Chavez. “You are prepared to sing in front of thousands of people.”

“That’s how it is, July, but I have never sung the national anthem in front of the world ”, he acknowledged Vincent.

Finally, Julio Cesar Chavez He walked to the ring, but not before threatening to throw the first blows of the night, when in the tunnel security elements tried to prevent some members of his entourage from walking with him on the ring. After fighting with the guards, and throwing some motherly mentions, the great Mexican champion headed to the ring.

Vicente Fernández sings the Mexican national anthem prior to the fight between Julio César Chávez and Macho Camacho

And Vicente Fernández did not fail Julio César Chávez

When Jimmy Lennon announced that Vicente Fernandez would sing the Mexican national anthem, the arena at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, packed with Mexicans, erupted in applause.

Vincent saluted, thanked with a raised fist, and stood in front of Chavez and his sons.

With poise, if a little hasty, Vicente Fernandez he began to sing the Mexican anthem, following the lyrics that had been placed for him on a lectern to calm his nervousness that he would forget it.

As it progressed, Vincent he was letting go, and letting the gravity of his voice explode in that crowded sounding board that had become the arena of Las Vegas. Vincent He finished off the stanzas singing in tones, even higher, than those required by the intonation of the hymn, giving it a greater emotionality at the time.

When Vincent finished the last stanza, July she burst out in joy, smiling and bouncing. The motivation to the fullest.

Vincent hugged July, who received him with a gesture of disbelief at the brilliance with which he Vicente Fernandez he had sung the hymn. And the singer left the ring, leaving July for your date with history.