¿Argüello o Chocolatito? Rosendo Álvarez nombró al mejor boxeador nicaragüense de la historia

The Nicaraguan Rosendo Alvarez He came to boxing out of hunger, not to compete with boxers from his country for the honor of being considered the best in Nicaragua, a place that he claimed to occupy Alexis Argüello above Román “Chocolatito” González.

“I came to boxing out of hunger,” recalled the Buffalo Alvarez in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “We did not have money or many resources to eat, I did not arrive to compete with Alexis Argüello, Chocolatito González nor with Mayorga”.

Rosendo Alvarez, who was a world champion of minimum weight and light flyweight, knows that in his country he is considered the second or third best fighter in history, but reiterated that he did not compete for those positions.

“I never competed with anyone when I came to boxing,” recalled the Buffalo. “The people, the fans, say that I am the second or third in history, that does not matter to me, now I am a promoter and manager with my wife.”

For Rosendo, Argüello is the best Nicaraguan in history about Chocolatito

What is clear Rosendo Alvarez is that Alexis Argüello, the first Nicaraguan to enter the International Boxing Hall of FameIt is the best in the history of your country.

Alexis Argüello is still the best, “he said. Rosendo of who was world champion feather, super feather and light. “Followed by Roman (Chocolatito González), who has been an extraordinary champion who I respect and admire ”.

Many boxers in Nicaragua and the world leave poor neighborhoods in search of better life opportunities. So came the Chocolatito to be the second best in the history of his nation.

“He is a young man who has emerged from very below,” he concluded. “Many champions come from a family background of humble people, with limited resources. So came the Chocolatito to be the second best boxer in the country ”.

Alexis Argüello