Promotor de Kambosos busca postergar pelea con Lomachenko si la OMB lo nombra mandatorio

Lou DiBella, promoter of George Kambosos, noted that if the OMB names as mandatory rival Vasily Lomachenko, they could use various maneuvers so that they do not force them to fight, and only Kambosos You can decide who you fight with.

“Let’s wait for them to do it, and then when they say there is an obligation, there is a period of time to do a mandatory (fight),” he explained. DiBella in interview with Fight Hype. “You can also request to have a fight in the middle if it’s another big battle. There are many things that can happen. I am an expert in dealing with the rules and we will handle it. “

As for the imminent duel before Lomachenko, DiBella He assured that he will have the last word Kambosos.

“He (Kambosos) is the emperor, he can do whatever he wants right now and he wants to fight in Australia. He made it very clear to his entire team, “he added. “He will ultimately decide who, when and where, honestly. Keep reiterating that you want the biggest fights. He doesn’t want just an ordinary opponent, and he’s finally going to decide. “

Kambosos and his potential to face Lomachenko

Lou made it clear that the Australian boxer has always known the goals he has to achieve and that little by little the work has paid off.

“This kid believed in himself and knew he was capable of doing this all the time,” he said. “He did something magical in a fight that was delayed, postponed and had to train under unusual circumstances. He trained in Australia most of the time without his number one coach, with limited sparring due to where he was. “

Similarly, he blamed fans and critics for not giving him that benefit of the doubt. Teofimo Lopez, since everyone thought that Kambosos would be the loser.

“He always believed and his father believed he was destined for greatness. Maybe the rest of us were a bit guilty of taking it with a grain of salt, but when you’re out there, you can try it, ”he argued.

“When you are as confident as George And you have that confidence in yourself, and you tell everyone exactly what you’re going to do, and then you do it. That is quite amazing ”, sentenced.