Stephen Curry and his big regret: talking ahead of time about the 3-point record

INDIANAPOLIS – As Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry gets closer and closer to breaking the 3-point record for Ray allen, he does it with only one regret: speak ahead of time.

Curry said that while he believed he could hit 16 3-pointers and break the home record in recent days, he regrets it as “it sparked unusual expectation.” “I was anxious all evening.”

Both Curry and Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after last Monday’s win over the Orlando Magic that it was possible Curry could make 16 3s in one game to break Allen’s record. The current record for the most triples in a single game is 14 and is held by Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson.

“And those shots that I took, those first four [contra Portland] I missed all four, “he remarked.” That’s how you approach the game. It just had a different context. It feels a little different now knowing that we are there. It will happen when it happens and I will enjoy it when it happens. “

It’s a sentiment Kerr shares on many levels, reiterating Monday that he wished not to feed the “narrative” that a record-breaking performance was possible.

“There has been no stress on our team,” Kerr said of Curry’s record hunt. “I’d say it was a slight distraction,” he said.