Sunny Edwards quiere enfrentar a Rey Martínez

Sunny edwards challenged the mexican Julio César “Rey” Martínez to unify flyweight belts in 2022.

“I want the belts of The Ring and the CMB“, He said Edwards after his triumph over Jayson Mama last Saturday, December 11. “It was my mandatory, so now I warn Martinez that I want the fight. I’m going for you ”.

The Briton made his first defense of the belt of the FIB when imposing by unanimous decision to the Filipino Mother, in the United Arab Emirates.

Edwards He was coming off winning the belt in April when he beat the South African Moruti Mthalane by the same route.

“I came here to fight with Mother and I prepared very strong and with great determination, “he commented. “Now I know what I want and I’m ready to be in the big fights.”

King Martinez train with Chepo Reynoso in Guadalajara Jalisco. While Sunny edwards lashed out at the Canelo Team when it became known that Oscar Valdez tested positive.

The antecedent between Rey Martínez and the Edwards brothers, Charly and Sunny

The rivalry between the two originates from the fight that Martinez held against his brother Charlie edwards, in 2019.

She originally won by third round knockout, but was subsequently ruled no decision, as Charlie received a blow while on his knees.

After that fight, Martinez successfully defended the belt four times against Cristofer Rosales, Jay Harris, Moises Calleros Y Joel cordova.

In his last fight, King Martinez finished his fight against the Puerto Rican McWilliams Arroyo no decision for an accidental headbutt on November 19.

A little less than a month ago, Martinez made it clear that he intends to fight with Edwards to close the chapter of the controversial clash with his brother Charlie.

“I would be honored to face Sunny, it would be a great opportunity to close what happened in the fight with Charlie”, He pointed. “He has a belt and we also want to do that unification. If you want to do it in England we will be happy to do it there ”.