The best of the interview with Mario Ledesma and Juan Fernández Lobbe in Scrum

Mario Ledesma and Juan Fernández Lobbe were present in Scrum and they discussed everything: the analysis of the year of The Pumas, the future for the next commitments and both about the new faces and the absences in the squad of the Argentine team.

First of all, Ledesma made a balance of the performance of the albiceleste team in 2021: “There is an analysis that is made from rugby and another from everything that happened with what was the year, for the boys it practically did not stop. The analysis is, from the side rugby, that there is a lot to improve, and then try to put things in context from everything that happened, on and off the field, which had to do with the pandemic, travel and others, “he said.

In addition, the head coach of The Pumas He referred to his continuity in the team: “My contract was renewed due to a clause of objectives achieved and others. Then I understand, especially the UAR as an institution, it was always long-term and thinking about a process,” he said.

Regarding a possible return of Augustine Creevy to the selected team, the coach pointed out: “Agustín knew that if one of the first two was injured, he was the option to come and that has been discussed with him. For ahead we will see the news of each one, the form of each one and the desire to May Agustín come back. Because he has also happened that he has not come to a tour in 2020, we have to talk with him to see what his plans are, “he said.

For its part, Juan Fernandez Lobbe He also made an assessment of 2021: “2021 became more difficult, mentally it became more difficult. When you find yourself alone in the room, when you know that you cannot leave the hotel and it will be the same scenery for six weeks. That mentally it influences a lot. The mental part was the one that cost us the most this year. It was that mental part that sometimes the head was tired of the pandemic, “he commented.

By last, Ledesma spoke and answered about the possibilities of Marcos Moneta in The Pumas: “For him it was a very big change. The physical change that he had made, in those two months he gained six kilos. The effort was impressive and how aware he was of what he had to work to play XV. I see him projection for him XV, but not today. Spaces were difficult for him. In training he did not take off, he was not found, “he said.