The numbers of CUBA champion of the URBA Top 12

The triumph of CUBA against the SIC by 10 to 9 It closed a great season for the Villa De Mayo cast with the URBA Top 12 title. The celebration of a new championship left numbers for review that help understand the keys to the champion to stay after eight years with the trophy .

After 18 games played, CUBA it reaped 14 wins and four losses. They had no draws throughout a season in which they scored 551 points and received 336. In addition, with Lucas Piña’s try in the final, those led by Tomas Coppola, Agustín Benedict and Federico Sala achieved 58 conquests in favor, while the number of Tries received reached 42.

On the individual level, Enrique Devoto (8) was the tryman, followed by the pillar Estanislao Carullo with 6. For its part, throughout the season, the trinomial of coaches used 37 players, being Marcos Moroni, Lucas Maguire and Santiago Uriarte, with 17 games, the ones that played the most games.

Finally, when reviewing the biggest win in the tournament, we must go back to date 10, when in Villa de Mayo, the champions defeated Pucará for 45 to 27.

Numbers that help to explain and understand why, after a doubtful 2019, in which it had to contest the promotion, CUBA had its revenge and finished 2021 at the top of the URBA Top 12.