“Quieren ver a Gervonta derrotado, porque es como ganarme a mí”, señala Mayweather

Ex boxer Floyd mayweather He assured that everyone wants to see his protégé defeated Gervonta davis, because it is as if they are beating him. This due to all the criticism after his fight against Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz.

“They don’t want to see Tank win because they feel that he is beating me, because I dominated the boxing game for a long time, “he said. Mayweather. “These same journalists here are what praise Canelo“.

Similarly, he accepted that Pitbull he had a good fight, but he knows he didn’t win. His statements that the judges stole the fight made a lot of noise because they fought in “Mexican territory.”

“He knew he didn’t win, he knew he didn’t win at all,” he argued. Floyd. “What if Tank He really would have lost the fight, he would have said he lost. And of course we are in California. This is Mexico. So, I mean, this is the closest place to Mexico. Texas and California is like fighting in Mexico, basically. But cross he is a tough competitor. Very, very tough competitor. Tank It did exactly what I asked it to do: spin it, spin it, box it, convert it, make you fail, make you pay. That’s what he did. “

Mayweather assured that Pitbull has not beaten anyone important, and that simply Gervonta davis He just boxed it out as the plan went.

“We all know that Tank he boxed in circles around that guy, “he explained. “The guy was very aggressive? Did he land any strong punches? It was an exciting fight. He did, but was clearly defeated. He knows he didn’t win. “

Mayweather praises Pitbull Cruz after fight against Gervonta

‘Money’ Mayweather has had words of praise for the Mexican Pitbull cross, but since the fight it has been clear that Gervonta won without problems.

“This kid was a tough opponent and he came to push and fight. Probably, if I had faced him in the best moment of my career, I would not have knocked him out either, “he warned. “People expected him to knock him out, but since he didn’t, some think he lost and that’s really crap.”