Andrés D'Alessandro said goodbye to Nacional with a statement: "It was a pleasure and an honor"

Andrés D’Alessandro’s passage through Nacional came to an end. The Argentine will not continue at the club in 2022 and the footballer published a statement on his account Instagram where he thanked the tricolor.

“As one more stage of my career closes, I record my deep respect for the National Football Club, which opened the doors of Uruguayan football for me And it gave me the opportunity to wear that glorious shirt. In particular, I thank the fans, club officials and the group of players for the healthy and professional coexistence throughout this year, “said the 40-year-old.

D’Alessandro also referred to his stage on the field of play with the tricolor jersey: “the times I had the chance to enter the field, I always looked for dedication and commitment to defend those three historical colors,” he said.

Finally, the Argentine said goodbye to Nacional with good wishes for the future: “It was a pleasure and an honor to have been with you, Nacional! The best for what is to come. Come on, Bag! ”.

The passage of D’Alessandro by Nacional had less impact than expected in a recruitment of such renown for the region. In total he played 1,031 minutes in 30 games (an average of 34 ‘per game), scored a goal and gave two assists. He was champion of the Uruguayan Super Cup.